Piers Morgan receives death threats after petition calls for his dismissal


Piers Morgan revealed that he had received death threats when he called for his dismissal from the Good Morning Britain mount.

A petition has been launched online to remove the 55-year-old TV presenter from the ITV breakfast after a number of “combative” talks with ministers during the coronavirus outbreak.

Piers will be happy that a rival petition to keep him has more signatures than the 50,000 and over who asked him to leave, but some trolls go the extra mile to get under their skin.

He retaliated, telling critics that the online petition and threats only reinforced his desire to take the government responsible for managing the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Piers went to Twitter to say to his critics, “Troll memo: the more you try to silence me with rude name-calling, death threats and petitions to get me fired, the more forcefully I will challenge the government and force this crisis. Lives depend on it. “

While the debate was raging on social media, Piers very publicly blocked a user, who tweeted: “Enjoy your large garden, sip expensive wine and give us a day off. “

Co-host GMB replied: “I will give you a life of rest, relax. BLOCKED. “

The petition requesting that Piers Morgan be removed from Good Morning Britain

Piers shared his opinion with his “harsh” treatment of ministers as he drags them over the coals to find out how they treat coronaviruses.

His treatment of Minister of Care Helen Whately and Secretary of Health Matt Hancock prompted more than 4,000 complaints to Ofcom, with viewers opposing Piers’ aggressive tone.

While Piers said he held the Minister of Care “responsible”, many viewers shared on social media that he “intimidated” the minister.

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Piers has since claimed that Boris Johnson had placed an “unofficial ban” on cabinet ministers appearing on GMB.

In a tweet Sunday in which he tagged Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Piers wrote that it would be the 20th day without a frontline minister being interviewed.

He tweeted, “The government has refused to subject a minister to an interview on @GMB tomorrow. It will be the 20th day of his boycott of our program during the worst national crisis since the Second World War. All because we asked them tough questions. We ‘I will continue to ask them. ”

Piers Morgan vowed to continue hitting government

This follows an explosion of anger previously in which Piers wrote: “I think it’s shameful. I think this is completely wrong.

“The reason why Matt Hancock [Health Secretary] is not doing our show because the government sent a procession of extremely poor junior ministers who could not answer basic questions about it and we got angry with them. ”

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