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Support for seeing Piers Morgan sacked from his presenting role on Good Morning Britain has recently doubled. His interview style was criticized recently after several politicians clashed with him to discuss the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While he said he “challenged” and “held them responsible”, allegations of “intimidation” were raised. And some viewers were so unhappy with the way Piers behaved that they decided to sign a petition to have him removed from the series.


A few months ago, a petition was created calling for the removal of Piers from GMB, it obtained 21,000 signatures at the time and Piers even discussed the campaign about it in the show.

But following a series of car crash interviews between the cat and the morning news show and the presenter, support for the campaign has doubled.

So far, 51,150 people have signed the petition.

Express.co.uk has contacted GMB and a Piers representative for comments.

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This comes after his interview with Andrew Bridgen MP where he was charged with “humiliating” the politician.

Piers accused the Conservative representative of being “full of excuses” and “having no clues”.

After appearing on ITV, Bridgen appeared on Talk Radio and said that after being “yelled at” by Piers, he “would not be coming back” on the show.

I’ll have a small bet, he won’t be at the forefront of this program by Christmas … his grades will continue to drop, “added Bridgen.

The GMB producer recently revealed the show’s viewing figures compared to rival BBC Breakfast.

The BBC and ITV use BARB to record figs. Since our respective COVID crisis coverage started in week 13 (March 23) @GMB increased its already flourishing audience by 14% or 104,000 viewers, compared to @BBCBreakfast 4% or 63K. Both grow, @GMB rather faster…. His comment read.

But on the other hand, some viewers really don’t like the way Piers roasts his guests.

Take Bridgen’s interview, for example, 281 people contacted Ofcom and complained earlier this week.

It comes after Piers was cleared by Ofcom after nearly 4,000 complaints from his talks with MP for Victoria Atkins, MP for Helen Whately and Secretary of Health Matt Hancock to name a few- a few – all of which took place last week.

As a result, the Conservative Party no longer offers interview slots with GMB.

Instead, all of the other rivals, including This Morning who interview Hancock and Lorraine who interview Priti Patel, are given the chance.

Good Morning Britain broadcasts weekday mornings at 6 a.m. on ITV.


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