Piers Morgan admits he went too far with Meghan and Harry in shock


Piers Morgan appears to be making a U-turn in his approach to reporting on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, admitting that he has gone too far with his relentless criticism of the royal couple.

The 55-year-old Good Morning Britain host upset some morning viewers and social media fans with his regular shots of the 35-year-old prince and his 38-year-old wife.

In recent years, Piers has denounced the couple for their intention to leave the UK to pursue a new life in California, criticized the Duchess of Sussex for her relationship with her family and berated Prince Harry for her treatment of hers. .

But now fiery-tempered press hosts seem to signal a change of opinion in an interview with The Times.

Piers Morgan made an amazing U-turn

During the interview, Piers said: “Have I taken things a bit too far? Probably, “said Piers during the interview.

And, surprisingly, he continued, “Do I think it will govern and temper the way I talk about them in the future? Absolutely. “

He also said, “It is probably not wise, if you are a columnist, to make things too personal. “

The television star admitted that he may have been too harsh with his criticism of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex

In the same interview, Piers commented on another professional relationship, but it went the other way, as he revealed that he had fallen out with his longtime training partner, Sir Lord Alan Sugar .

Piers and Lord Sugar, 73, have a long-standing friendship in which they targeted each other on social media and challenged themselves to participate in weight loss contests.

But in recent weeks, relations between the two have deteriorated – with Lord Sugar last week teasing Piers by tweeting US President Donald Trump to get under the skin of GMB host by following him on Twitter after abandoning Piers .

Piers argued with Sir Lord Alan Sugar

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The comment came after weeks of clashes between Piers and Lord Sugar over the ongoing coronavirus epidemic – with apprentice star Lord Sugar suggesting that Piers “exploited” the pandemic for his own benefit.

The recent jibes are too much for Piers, however, as he suggested: “This is more than a joke, and for me it has ruined our friendship.”

He added, “I think we ended up as friends. I can’t see through the behavior. ”


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