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Star Trek: Picard concluded its first season in March, unleashing its main character on new adventures with the crew of La Sirena. Now executive producer Akiva Goldsman talks about plans for season two and offers a few glimpses of season one.

Waiting to restart for season two, the delay may help improve it

Akiva Goldsman gave Collider an update on the impact of coronavirus locking on the work of the second season of Picard:

We were to start filming in June, which I guarantee we will only do if the world opens tomorrow. We had interrupted the season, we were halfway through writing. You know, we’ll start as soon as possible once the world opens, you know? The preparation will have to resume, then we will start.

The executive producer also offered an overview of the plans for the second season:

We know what it is and how cool it is. And we’re thrilled, and I feel like we’ve learned a lot from the first season.

Extending on this, Goldsman found a silver lining in the production backlog, indicating if they can finish the writing work for the full season, they can go back and fine-tune previous episodes to make sure better configure what will happen later in the season:

… It’s basically a gift of being able to do everything [the episodes] whether you can. Because unlike previous versions of television, this ten-hour serialized narrative has configurations and gains that require a thoughtful view of the object once it is finished. It’s very funny, in Picard’s first season there were all these early criticisms, “Oh, it’s so dark, it’s so dark, it’s so dark. And I kept saying: “They review the first act of a The first act of a film is always dark … So we are in this strange world where we create a narrative object but we distribute it small little by little, which is fascinating. And it can be fun. But what you really want is to be able to fine-tune your setups after you’ve written your winnings … if in fact you could have time to write 10 hours first, that would be amazing. And maybe we will.

His comments also indicate that season two, like season one, will have ten episodes. As for the duration of the show, it has already been reported that they have planned three seasons. But Goldsman told Collider he could go further, saying, “Star Trek: Picard in my opinion, it will go as long as Patrick Stewart wants to do it. “

The crew of La Sirena as we last saw it in the season finale

How Uhura and Logan to lead to Star Trek: Picard

As part of the CBS Emmy campaign, Goldsman also spoke to Gold Derby earlier this month, focusing on the first season. He started by explaining how the show was born from an idea that would have brought back a classic Star trek character:

We are creating this first season of Short treks… We imagined one, something we never did, which was an intersection with a very young Picard and an aging Uhura. Although we never did that, one of the things was to think that we could take this young actor – not Tom Hardy – and sort of transform him in the end and use a plan from Patrick [Stewart]. Could we have Patrick? And Alex Kurtzman said, “Why don’t you just get it for one, why don’t you get it for a show?” We all said, “Well, it’s impossible, right? And we left.

Goldsman also explained how the role of Patrick Stewart in the film X-Men 2017 Logan helped explain how they convinced Stewart to return to the role of Picard and how his character would be described:

We knew we had to go to him with something that was not a rerun… We were also, when it came to Patrick, on the specific heels of Logan and on the shoulders of Logan. What was so amazing Logan for me it was modern, he understood the passage of time. He was happy to accept the promises of the future, both fulfilled and unrealized. It was really a great acting game and a great story. We wanted to be up to it and, obviously, Patrick would insist that we be up to it. And so these posts kept us on the straight, narrow line when it came to not just redoing what had already been done.

Patrick Stewart as older Charles Xavier Logan

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