Phillip Schofield reveals new smooth hair after shocking his mom with a messy mop – The Sun


PHILLIP Schofield revealed a new super smooth hairstyle last night after revealing that his messy mop had shocked his mother.

The host of This Morning shared photos side by side of his perfectly groomed barnet and wild white mane.

He wrote next, “Hair lock options. “

His supporters were divided on what they preferred, both having their supporters.

One wrote diplomatically, “Any style would suit you ?. “

While another said, “Wow Phillip! Rock them hairstyles ?. “

Last week, the TV star revealed that her shaggy hair shocked her mother when he decided to kiss the wild hairstyle.

The 58-year-old star is known for being well-groomed, with her silver locks typically styled in a smooth side parting.

    Phil shocked his mom with the new wild look
Phil shocked his mom with the new wild look

But Phil seemed to lose control of his mane, going to Instagram to share a glimpse of his unusual style.

Dressed in a puffy blue sweater, Phil’s white hair stood erect, eyebrows raised in perplexity.

Phil captioned the post: “Skype to my mom, my hair blew it up. “

    The star is famous for his silver locks
The star is famous for his silver locksCredit: Rex Features
    Phil pictured with his mom [right]
Phil pictured with his mom [right]Credit: Instagram

On Snapchat, Phil added a close-up image of his stick, writing, “It is getting ridiculous.”

The photos appeared to have been taken in Phil’s new apartment in London, and it was recently revealed that he left his family home after becoming gay.

Phil was spotted arriving at his new home after leaving Oxfordshire’s vast £ 2 million property he shared with his wife Steph and their children, Molly and Ruby, 27, 24.

    He shared a close-up on Snapchat
He shared a close-up on Snapchat
    The star recently left the family home after going out gay
The star recently left the family home after going out gayCredit: refer to legend

Phillip Schofield reveals when his daughters “jumped and hugged him” after revealing he was gay

Phil announced his sexuality in February in a touching Instagram post before discussing it live on This Morning, while being supported by a close friend and co-host Holly Willoughby.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun at the time, Phillip admitted that he knew he was gay when he married Steph, and struggled with suicidal thoughts as he struggled with his sexuality.

He then confessed that he did not know if his marriage would last – and declined to say if he was having a relationship with a man.


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