PewDiePie signs exclusive live streaming agreement with YouTube


Felix Kjellberg, the YouTuber better known as PewDiePie, has signed an exclusive live broadcast agreement with YouTube. The move comes almost exactly a year after Kjellberg announced that he was broadcasting exclusively on DLive, a small blockchain-based live streaming site.

According to the press release, Kjellberg is delighted to return to its original pastures. “Live streaming is something I focus a lot on in 2020 and beyond, so being able to work in partnership with YouTube and being at the forefront of new product features is special and exciting for l ‘future,’ he said.

The acquisition of Kjellberg is the latest big name to join YouTube for live streaming; recently, the platform invested its weight (and its money!) to seize exclusive offers with streaming stars like CouRage, Typique Gamer and Valkyrae. Kjellberg’s decision was somewhat predictable; I just wonder how much the deal was worth. Obviously, YouTube isn’t the only platform to capture streamers – Mixer, Twitch and Facebook have also appeared. Anyway: as always, if you have any details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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