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‘Peril!’ Mocked candidate for Janet Jackson, Ariana Grande flub



A competitor on “Jeopardy! Misunderstood the question, mistakenly thinking that Janet Jackson was Ariana Grande.


” Peril! Fans say “thank you next door” to a candidate who gave the show a wrong answer.

During Wednesday’s episode, contestants answered questions about the Billboard Music Awards, while host Alex Trebek provided a hint and a short snippet of their appearance on the show.

The segment, which was shared on the game series YouTube page, shows competitor Alwin buzzing to respond to this clue: “As a recipient of the Icon 2018 award, she took control and went on stage during his first live TV performance in almost a decade. ”

Then a clip of Janet Jackson’s performance was played.

Instead of answering the question correctly, however, Alwin guessed that the artist was the singer Ariana Grande.

To which Trebek quickly replied: “No”.

Candidate Sarah arrived with the back up, buzzing to say, “Who is Janet Jackson?” “

” Yes! Exclaimed Trebek.

Viewers of the episode were shocked by the error.

User ARPANET Troll made the first comment on the YouTube video by writing “ARIANA GRANDE?!?!?!?!?!? “

People have also turned to Twitter to make fun of the moment.

“I just saw a guy named Alwin on Jeopardy! Call Janet Jackson Ariana Grande. What world is it?!?!? “Wrote user @ ransomlewis69.

“Alwin just called Janet Jackson‘ Ariana Grande ‘”user @ summer0001 tweeted with laughing emojis.

“Alwin must check his divas!” »User @GlamBex said.


“Alwin had better not win after this response from Ariana Grande. I don’t know Janet, don’t deserve to be #Jeopardy champion ”@lumaria sharing.

This is not the first time that a candidate has missed a point on pop culture in the show.

Earlier this month, the show featured this Final Jeopardy! clue in the category “Songs from recent films”: “In October 2019, this song, a duet, was still in the top 10 of Billboard’s contemporary adult charts after spending a year on the charts. “

The correct answer was – you guessed it – “Shallow”, the tune of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, Oscar winner. An easy Final Jeopardy! question, yes?

Well, only one participant, Ben Sonday, answered with the correct answer.

As for the other candidates, well, they knew the song, but they couldn’t find the title. Andrew Cramer could only name the performers, and Felicity Flesher, the champion, mistakenly called the song “Into the Deep”. (There is a saying “I’m not at the bottom, look like I’m diving.”) That lost him the match.

Contributor: Carly Mallenbaum

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