People returned home by police after traveling 100 miles from England to Wales


Day trippers who have traveled 100 miles in Wales have been sent home by police for breaking the lock rules.

Officers patrol North Wales to ensure that no one takes advantage of more lenient arrangements in England to visit the area’s beauty spots.

Four people who had come on a day trip to Barmouth from Walsall – a distance of about 100 miles – were arrested and sent home, reports North Wales Live.

Officers arrested four other people who had traveled from Liverpool to enjoy a day at the beach.

Police also parked in Barmouth at 9:45 a.m. and discovered that the driver was from the West Midlands.

He told the police that he had come to do work in his second home.

He was reported to have broken the rules and sent home.

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Coronavirus last

Lock-in regulations in Wales state that people should only travel if their trip is essential, which includes getting food and medicine.

In England, the lockout measures changed earlier this week to allow people to travel for leisure – but this does not apply to Wales.

Residents outside of Wales are reminded that the travel restrictions lifted in England do not apply here – and anyone traveling to Wales will be subject to Welsh law.

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Temporary Deputy Chief Constable Nigel Harrison said: “Although there have been minor legislative changes in Wales, the message to our communities remains consistent.

“The vast majority of people have followed the instructions to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives and I echo the call from colleagues in the Welsh government and health services to keep everyone doing so .

“We want to make it clear that Welsh government legislation is applicable here and that our local communities should follow the rules there. “

Mr. Harrison added: “Our tourist attractions, parts of the national park, pubs, restaurants, cafes, caravans, holiday parks and campsites remain closed.

This occurs after police officers from Gwent patrolled the Severn Bridge earlier today.

They tweeted that they were on “Covid patrols at the gates of Wales”.


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