Pencil it in: Vikings opens with Packers, but so much is still unknown


The NFL announced its 2020 schedule on Thursday evening, with a set of games that presumes this fall will contain an element of normalcy that few could guarantee at this point.

Adam Schefter speculated on Thursday that the league could move up to four calendar weeks until the end of the season, if coronavirus problems force the NFL to start the season late. If that were to happen, the Vikings’ week 5 game against the Seahawks on October 11 could be their opening game, with their very first week 1 game in Minnesota against the Packers until the end of the season. . For now, the NFL continues to say it will start on September 10.

The virus has no regard for the NFL’s place in American life, and a lot must happen before fans can return to football stadiums for some big regular season clashes – including the very first game Week 1 of the Minnesota Vikings against the Packers – by September. But as the league reports at the moment, it plans to start on time, we will play with the premises of the NFL and let us go into the new football season. Here is a match by match breakdown of the calendar for the Vikings’ 60th season in 2020:

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Week 1 noon, Sep 13 (fox)

against Packers

The Vikings have gone to Lambeau Field for Week 1 games six times in their history; it’s the first time they’ve played at home against the Packers, who won at U.S. Bank Stadium last December after three losses. The first reactions to the news of this match focused on the possibility that there are no fans in the stands, and this is a reasonable concern: the considerable advantage of the Vikings on the field owes a lot to their hoarse fans.

Week 2 noon, Sep 20 (FOX)

at Colts

It will be the Vikings’ first trip to Indianapolis since 2012, when they lost to the Colts by a basket in week 2. They will face a revamped Colts team that now trusts their former Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, who is reunited. with coach Frank Reich after their time in San Diego.

Week 3 at noon, Sep 27 (FOx)

vs Titans

Tennessee reached the AFC championship game using a heavy attack last season, and this year’s Titans-Vikings game could be a confrontation between Derrick Henry and Dalvin Cook, as the two teams attempt to assert on the ground.

Week 4 noon, Oct 4 (Fox)

at Texans

The Vikings’ junior high will undergo a number of tough road tests this year, and the trip to Houston is one of the most notable, as Mike Zimmer has his first chance at creating a defense to stop the quarterback. dynamic rear of Texans DeShaun Watson.

Week 5 7:20 p.m. October 11 (NBC)

at Seahawks

The Vikings travel to Seattle for the third consecutive season, and after two losses Monday night at CenturyLink Field, this time they face the Seahawks on Sunday evening. The good news for the Vikings – one of many teams battling night matches after trips to the West Coast – is that the fact that the match takes place on Sunday, not Monday or Thursday, means that ” it could be suspended outside prime time.

Week 6 noon, Oct 18 (FOX)

against hawks

Atlanta started the 2019 season at U.S. Bank Stadium, when the Vikings only needed to throw 10 times in a 28-12 win. This year they will face a Falcons team trying to keep things together after a 7-9 season last year. Todd Gurley, who gave the Vikings a lot of trouble with the Rams in 2018, is now with Atlanta.

Week 7


Week 8 noon, Nov 1 (fox)

at Packers

After end-of-season trips to Green Bay from 2015-17 and week 2 games at Lambeau Field in 2018 and 2019, the Vikings will head to Wisconsin, where they haven’t played in November since a tie in 2013 there. Kirk Cousins, who led the Vikings’ furious comeback in a 2018 tie at Lambeau, will try to put together a better effort against the Packers than when the Vikings lost in Week 2 at Green Bay last year.

Week 9 noon, Nov 8 (fox)

against Lions

Detroit hasn’t won at the U.S. Bank Stadium since 2017, and the Lions’ trip to Minneapolis comes amid a pivotal streak of three consecutive division games. The Vikings will face a rebuilt Lions defense after Detroit traded Darius Slay, added Desmond Trufant and Jamie Collins and drafted Jeff Okudah third overall.

Week 10 7:15 p.m., Nov. 16 (ESPN)

at Bears

The Vikings ’annual trip to Soldier Field is often fraught with pitfalls, and this year’s game is a prime-time game for the fourth time in five years. Cousins ​​has yet to win in Chicago playing for the Vikings, and he could face Nick Foles – who beat the Vikings in the 2018 NFC title match and found former Vikings offensive coordinator John DeFilippo in Chicago.

Week 11 3:25 p.m. November 22 (Fox)

against Cowboys

It’s the only home game on the Vikings calendar that doesn’t start at noon, and it could be a good game; the Vikings and Cowboys played an extremely entertaining game on Sunday night in Dallas last year, and former Packers coach Mike McCarthy returns to Minneapolis with his new team.

Week 12 noon, Nov. 29 (fox)

vs Panthers

Prepare your video tributes: Teddy Bridgewater will return to Minnesota for this one, facing his former team as a starting quarterback for the first time since his departure after his return from knee surgery in 2017.

Week 13 at noon, Dec. 6 (cbs)

against Jaguars

The Jaguars strengthened their defense with a pair of first round picks that could have puzzled the Vikings (Florida cornerback C.J. Henderson and LSU defensive end K’Lavon Chaisson). They will try to win in Minneapolis with Gardner Minshew and offensive coordinator Jay Gruden – former colleague of Mike Zimmer in Cincinnati.

Week 14 noon, December 13 (fox)

at Buccaneers

Last year, the Vikings made two trips to the West Coast in December between three home games; this year, they are likely to avoid bad weather games again, their only outdoor game after November 16 in Florida. But it won’t be easy, with Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Mike Evans ready to test the Vikings’ junior high school and Bruce Arians to lead an aggressive attack.

Week 15 noon, Dec. 20 (fox)

against bears

For the first time in five seasons at U.S. Bank Stadium, the Bears will not end the regular season in Minneapolis. They will be the Vikings’ last home opponent, as Minnesota tries to win at home before two road games to close the season.

Week 16 3.30 p.m. December 25 (fox)

at Saints

It could be the most publicized game on the Vikings calendar, and it is certainly one of the most unique: a Friday afternoon trip on Christmas Day to the Superdome to face the team that the Vikings eliminated twice in the playoffs in the past three years. Zimmer hates road games after a short week of preparation, and it won’t be an easy test.

Week 17 noon, Jan. 1, 2021 (Fox)

at Lions

The Vikings have not closed the road season since their NFC North title game against the Packers in 2015, but they will do so in 2020 as they try to win for the third consecutive year in a building that doesn’t ‘a pas’ I did not pose as many problems to them as at the start of his mandate.

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