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Photographs of crowded London underground trains on Wednesday show how “dangerous” Boris Johnson’s return-to-work message is, said a union.

Metro workers said there was “a real mess” when part of the Victoria Line was suspended after learning that a passenger had collapsed.

“Social distancing during the peak was a joke. During the suspension, our cars lifted. It will get worse, ”said one worker.

The suspension came while transportation secretary Grant Shapps said the government would ask commuters to be reasonable while admitting that he would not get on a metro or bus.

Photographs of Finsbury Park on the Victoria Line showed commuters, the majority of the men depicted, a few inches apart in the doorway, with few masks. Men died of coronavirus at twice the rate of women in England and Wales, according to the Office for National Statistics

Victoria Finsbury Park Line Platform

The Victoria Line platform at Finsbury Park. Photography: Isabel Infantes / AFP via Getty Images

Other photographs, including some of Liverpool Street station, one of the busiest interchanges for commuters in Essex and East London, show that people were able to adhere to physical floor brands.

Liverpool Street Underground Station in London

Liverpool Street underground station in London. Photography: Victoria Jones / PA

Some buses in the capital have reportedly been busier than normal following the Prime Minister’s message that people should return to work if possible from Wednesday.

Mick Cash, general secretary of the Union of Railways, Shipping and Transport (RMT), said: “This incident shows how dangerous the government’s call for return to work is for our transportation services in Canada. middle of this pandemic.

“An incident and we are reduced to crisis management with reports that social distancing is impossible with crashed tube cars.

“RMT warned that this would happen and we were ignored. We are monitoring the situation across all services this morning and will discuss any appropriate action with our local representatives. “

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