OSU RB Maurice Clarett reacts to Jim Harbaugh’s letter in Michigan football


If a Wolverine and a Buckeye end up in a bar, there’s a good chance that a fight will break out, right? While this may be an overestimate – key word, “might” – the two fan bases are not terribly aligned.

Until now.

While Ohio State fans and supporters – or let’s face it – a lot of college football fans who love to hate Jim Harbaugh – have turned to social media to make fun of his new set of proposed ideas that he shared on Thursday to reinvigorate the current system to be more in favor of the student-athlete, he received support from an unlikely source: a prolific ball carrier who once wore scarlet and gray.

Maurice Clarett had only one season as Buckeye, but it was a fantastic season. He rushed for 1,237 yards with 18 touchdowns and helped the OSU beat Miami (FL) to win the national championship after the 2002 season. However, he was in trouble after that season and therefore did not played in 2003. He sued the NFL to try to include him in the 2004 NFL draft, but he failed in his attempt, and what was to be a promising career all but disappeared in thin air.

Despite wearing a rival uniform and playing for a team that cares most about the disappearance of corn and blue, Clarett thinks that Harbaugh is on something with his proposal, noting that it could ultimately be beneficial for a group that must just take what is given. under the current circumstances.

Regardless of the problems Clarett has encountered throughout his life, he is right. Student athletes should have a say in their careers, beyond choosing a school. After that, until they finish a rookie contract in the NFL, they don’t have much to say about how their career is going. It’s quite different from the normal population.

Anyway, Harbaugh has made the world of college football speak for itself. There is certainly a chance that this will have an impact, but with the slow pace with which the NCAA and NFL can travel, it could take some time before anything happens.

However, it’s a start in both cases.


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