Orange opens two new Orange Money transfer lanes from France to Burkina Faso and Morocco, News


May 25, 2020 – PARIS, FRANCE After Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Madagascar and Mali, it is now Burkina Faso and Morocco that have benefited from the international solution for transferring money from France since May 8 and 20, respectively. People from Burkina Faso and Morocco residing in France can use their Orange Money account to quickly send money to family and friends. The money is transferred securely, in real time, directly to the recipient’s Orange Money account.

Orange continues to expand the international money transfer service for the benefit of its customers around the world. In 2013, Orange was the first operator to launch a mobile-to-mobile international money transfer solution in West Africa, between Mali, Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire.

Transferring money with Orange Money is an alternative to traditional methods of sending money across borders.
By encouraging the use of mobile money, Orange is helping to bring families together and facilitate their mutual support, as they can better manage their money while stimulating economic growth in these countries. In addition, during the global health crisis that affected the whole world, this service offers another way of protecting oneself against the transmission of the virus because no money changes hands.

According to Ben Cheick Haidara, chairman of the board of Orange Money Burkina Faso, “The financial support sent by the diaspora to their families who stayed in the country and their contribution to the economy are very important for our country.
Having a simple, fast and reliable solution like Orange Money, so that the beneficiary receives their money instantly, meets a real need of our customers. The opening of international money transfers from France to Burkina Faso will cement the use of Orange Money in the daily life of our population, alongside other existing services. “

Yves Gauthier, CEO of Orange Morocco, said: “By introducing international money transfer, we want to offer our customers an alternative to the traditional means of receiving money across borders. Now their mobile phone allows them to receive money from loved ones living in France cheaply, instantly and securely. “

Christian Bombrun, senior vice president of products and services, Orange France, said: “The health crisis we are experiencing has shown that transferring money from mobile to mobile is a key benefit for our customers.

Money transfer users in France have turned massively to Orange Money to instantly and securely send money to their loved ones in Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Madagascar and Guinea. The opening of two new corridors, in Burkina Faso and Morocco, is an important step in Orange Money’s development strategy around the world. “

Orange Money in France, a simple, secure and instant service

You do not need a bank account to use Orange Money in France. All you need is a mobile phone subscription and sign up via the Android or iPhone mobile app or at an Orange Money point of sale.
Opening an Orange Money account is free. Among the stores offering the Orange Money secure service in mainland France, Orange already has 650 points of sale: newsstands, call shops, local grocery stores and tobacconists across the country, as well as 3 Orange Money stores in Paris.

The Orange Money France application allows simple and fast transfers at any time of the day to Burkina Faso and Morocco.
To make a transfer, the customer credits their account with a bank card or cash at a point of sale. They then connect to their Orange Money account directly from their mobile, by entering the recipient’s Orange Money mobile number in Burkina Faso or Morocco as well as the amount to be transferred and validating the transaction. The transfer is then complete and the money is immediately available in the recipient’s account.

Orange supports the development of new digital services in Africa and the Middle East

Orange is present in 18 countries in Africa and the Middle East where it had 123 million customers as of March 31, 2020. With 5.6 billion euros in turnover in 2019 and 6% annual growth, Orange MEA is the Group’s main growth area. Orange, a multiservice operator and benchmark partner for digital transformation in this region, brings its expertise to support the development of new digital services in Africa and the Middle East.
One in ten Africans are Orange Middle East and Africa customers and one in thirty Africans are Orange Money customers in 18 countries. In addition, almost 30% of the Orange group’s 4G customers reside in Africa and the Middle East.

Discover the service here:

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