Opening Sports In California And New York Significant For NFL



div>Good news to start this week…


• The fact that the governors of California and New York have declared their states open to professional sports without supporters is a very important and positive step towards football in the fall. These two states have been among the most restrictive in terms of rules. In fact, from an NFL perspective, the Rams, Chargers, 49ers, Raiders and Bills were among the teams that will not be able to begin the process of reopening their facilities this week, according to law. So where does that light shining at the end of the tunnel come from is a big problem.

• Here is something I could gather on the contingency of fans against the absence of fans: at least some teams who are faced with the possibility of playing in empty stadiums in the fall prefer to do it at home, rather than playing their home games at someone else’s house. city. And there is more than one reason for this. First of all, they would lose money through local sponsorships and naming rights, with no way of getting it back, and they could make up a pretty good percentage of what they would lose at the door by covering the seats with advertisements and / or green screening. Second, the idea of ​​playing a 16 game road game calendar, or keeping them out of town for six months, is do not attractive. So while there are the quirks Cowboys / Rams, Chargers / Raiders and 49ers / Cardinals cooked in the calendar (and the links there, with Jerry Jones and Stan Kroenke having close commercial ties, and the owner of the Chargers Dean Spanos having roots in Vegas), I anticipate that each team will want to play their home games at their home stadium elsewhere. What I don’t know is if the league office would force the problem in any of these cases.


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