Opening of Peters ‘Drive In in Edmonton, lines of cars stretch across Gateway Boulevard


Peter’s Drive In is now open, but it can’t be said for a 51st Avenue lane most of the time. The range of cars backs down on Gateway Boulevard. Last week, the line returned to the Whitemud.

Julie King went downstairs to see the disturbance and get a taste for herself.

“I thought I would be here at 9:15 am yesterday morning because they open at 10:00 am, and it was already lined up,” she said.

King says she remembers Peters when she was in Calgary. There were also queues.

She guessed it would take less than an hour to get to the front of the line. She had been waiting for about 20 minutes when she spoke to CTV News Edmonton, and she was halfway across the front.

The Edmonton Police Service is aware of the traffic situation and has stated that the only orders it currently gives are to travel if a vehicle blocks the right of way.

King topped the line in just over 45 minutes. She bought fries, a shake and a hamburger, and after the first bite, she said the wait was worth it.


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