Ontario Reports 391 New COVID-19 Cases Upon Reopening of Golf Courses, Marinas and Yacht Clubs


Ontario reported 391 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, bringing the total number of cases in the province to 22,313.

A total of 1,858 people have died in Ontario from COVID-19, according to official figures provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health. A total of 975 people are hospitalized, including 180 in intensive care units.

The ministry says 135 people are in intensive care on a ventilator. A total of 17,020 people have recovered from the virus.

Data collected by CBC News from local public health units indicates that there were at least 1,939 deaths at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday.

The increase in the number of cases represents growth of 1.8% from Friday’s total.

Meanwhile, the number of people hospitalized has declined, while the number of people in intensive care and ventilators has remained stable.

Retail stores with street entrances will open Tuesday

The latest figures come from the opening of golf courses, marinas, nautical clubs and public boat launches in Ontario on Saturday as the province begins to ease restrictions as part of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Private parks and campgrounds are allowed to open to allow workers to prepare for the summer season. Trailers and recreational vehicles, the owners of which have a full season contract, are allowed access to these parks and campgrounds.

In addition, companies that ship animals, such as stables, can allow their customers to visit, care for or ride their animals.

On Tuesday, as part of the first phase of the province’s reopening plans, retail stores outside shopping malls with street entrances may begin to reopen with physical measures in place.

Seasonal and recreational activities for individual or individual competitors, including training and sports competitions organized by a recognized national or provincial sport organization, will be allowed to restart.

And animal care services, such as grooming and training, and regular veterinary appointments can start again.

“We can’t let our guard down now,” says Ford.

Earlier this week, Ontario Premier Doug Ford warned that “businesses should only open if they are ready.”

He added that the province will monitor COVID-19 case numbers “like a hawk”.

“We cannot let our guard down now,” he said.

The first step includes the “gradual restart” of scheduled surgical procedures, as well as the opening of pickup libraries and the resumption of property management services, such as cleaning, painting and pool maintenance.

Some health and medical services may also resume, including in-person counseling and in-person services.

Domestic workers, such as housekeepers and cooks, can also return to work on Tuesday, although Ontarians are still required to limit contact with people in their own homes.

Premier Doug Ford has warned that businesses should only open if they’re ready. (Steve Russell / Pool / The Canadian Press)

Ontario Minister of Health Christine Elliott told reporters Friday that provincial health officials are examining the idea that families are “bubbling” or “cohorting” with other households and said she s ‘expect to have more to say about it next week.

“This is something that we are studying very closely at the moment,” she said.

Currently, Ontario’s emergency measures legislation prohibits social gatherings of more than five people, even if they take place in “private accommodation”.

The province’s website states that everyone should practice physical distance, which means “stay at least two meters from anyone outside your home.”


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