Ontario Confirms 329 New Coronavirus Cases And 40 Additional Deaths


Ontario confirmed 329 new cases of the new coronavirus on Wednesday, a slight decrease from the 361 cases reported on Tuesday and continuing a downward trend that strengthens hopes for a reopened economy.

Forty others died, bringing the total number of deaths to 1,765.

Of the 1,765 total deaths, 814 were long-term care, according to Public Health Ontario.

The Ministry of Long-Term Care reports that 1,269 people who died were in long-term care. Public health is slower to communicate the figures, so the ministry’s statistics are considered more up to date.

Hospitalizations decreased slightly, as did the number of people in intensive care and on respirators.

The day before, 15,137 tests were carried out, and nearly 13,400 are still under investigation.

The government has promised to do 16,000 tests a day to date, increasing to 20,000.

Meanwhile, a new emergency order allows the Ontario government to control the management of the long-term care homes hardest hit by COVID-19.

Premier Doug Ford said the move would help limit the spread of the virus in nursing homes.

The ordinance allows the province to intervene if an establishment has a high number of infections or deaths, or if it faces a shortage of staff.

The province says the designated manager could be anyone, including a company or a hospital.

Last week, the government asked establishments affected by the outbreaks to come up with a plan to stabilize the spread of the virus within their walls.

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