Only half of NBA teams can return to the gym and these are the rules – the athletic


Next Friday, James Harden can walk to the training ground in the basement of the Toyota Center in downtown Houston and start his work to prepare for the NBA playoffs. Luka Doncic can do the same at the Mavericks gymnasium, as can Donovan Mitchell with Jazz, while LeBron James cannot return to training at the Lakers’ office just outside Los Angeles. Neither Kawhi Leonard for the Clippers, nor Giannis Antetokounmpo for the Milwaukee Bucks.

As states slowly try to restart their economy by opening businesses after weeks of foreclosure, the NBA allows its teams to open training facilities for highly regulated and disinfected individual workouts from May 8 . Gyms have been closed since mid-March, days after the league ceased playing on March 11 due to the spread of the coronavirus, and it is unclear when – or if – this 2019-20 season will be saved under whatever form.

But when it comes …


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