One day in May “unlike any other” when the coronavirus destroys street rallies in France


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                Pour la première fois dans l'histoire des syndicats français, le 1er mai est marqué sans les marches de rue traditionnelles - les syndicats étant plutôt obligés d'improviser alors que le pays poursuit son strict contrôle des coronavirus.

Des manifestations en ligne, des concerts virtuels et des chants de balcon remplaceront les défilés bruyants de la fête du Travail qui attirent généralement des millions de personnes - alors que les médias sociaux deviennent le terrain de prédilection de cette année pour les travailleurs.

Sales of lily of the valley on the street are prohibited, as producers estimate that 70% of their production will be lost. The flowers – a symbol of good luck and the arrival of spring – will still be available in supermarkets and other essential stores that remained open during the foreclosure.

In a surprise video speech to the nation, French President Emmanuel Macron said that the May Day spirit and solidarity among workers have never been more powerful.

“This May 1 is unlike any other … I am aware of all the constraints weighing on the joys associated with this very symbolic day,” said Macron.

“I want to spare a thought for the unions that cannot organize these parades, a thought for the workers of our country … Because it is thanks to the workers that the nation continues to function.

“It is thanks to the dedication of our caregivers, our police, our armies that we save so many lives every day. It’s thanks to the work of our farmers, our civil servants, our employees, our freelancers that life goes on despite everything. “

Covid-19 has killed 24,376 people in France, including 289 deaths recorded in the past 24 hours. The country is expected to gradually emerge from a two-month lockout from May 11.



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