Office actors come together to recreate the scene of Jim and Pam fans


the Office the meeting of the actors we were all waiting for is finally here! In a way.

John Krasinski made quarantine a little more bearable with his “Some Good News” videos on YouTube, and this time he went further and brought together the actors of the successful sitcom to recreate one of his most emblematic scenes.

The star showed a clip of a Maryland couple recreating Jim’s proposal to Pam (Jenna Fischer), and then brought the pair to a video call.

john krasinski and jenna fischer as jim and pam at the office we

Byron CohenNBC Universal

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He then revealed that he had been officiated to oversee their marriage and added the couple’s parents and best friends to the voice call. And then he went to add Fischer to the roll, as well as country singer Zac Brown, who played a beautiful wedding song for them.

And then, after wiping a few tears and performing the vows, John went even further and pressed on Forever play by Chris Brown and presented the cast of the series to show their best moves (hopefully not).

We are talking about Steve Carell, Mindy Kaling, BJ Novak, Ed Helms, the lot!

the desk that we have assembled for john krasinski's good news web series

Some good newsYoutube

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Unfortunately John said it would be the “first and only SGN marriage “because he didn’t know how he could crown it. Honestly, we think that marriages in general may have reached their peak.

Recently, Office Showrunner Greg Daniels said a real revival streak is unlikely, so this incredible meeting is the best we are going to get.

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