Normal People episode 9 recap


Normal people

Episode 9

Season 1

Episode 9

Editor’s note

2 stars

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Marianne and Connell are separated, so it’s time, in Marianne’s words, to find someone “problematic” for her to go out with him right now. Enter: Lukas.

I am intrigued by the changes to the character of Lukas here. In the book, it’s this Swede who looks like the evil prince of Frozen and whose poor communication skills are, according to him, due to his average understanding of the English language. (Marianne, however, says his understanding is excellent.) Our first meeting with him is during the photo shoot that ends this episode, and the first thing we really learn about him is that he and Marianne have an arrangement that ‘he calls’ the game. The rules are as follows: “Marianne is not allowed to speak or make eye contact during the match. If she breaks the rules, she is punished later. The game doesn’t end when the sex is over, the game ends when she goes in the shower… He tells her bad things about herself. It is difficult to know if Marianne likes to hear these things … You are worth nothing, Lukas likes to tell her. You are nothing. And it looks like nothing, an absence to be filled with force. As the photo shoot gets more and more graphic – he grips his wrists so hard that his flesh swells, then blindfolds him – Marianne demands that they stop, threatens to call the police and leaves the studio .


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