Normal People episode 11 recap


Normal people

Episode 11

Season 1

Episode 11

Editor’s note

3 stars

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Marianne and Connell are obsessed with, you know, normal people, and constantly fear (while being proud of the fact) that they are not normal, never will be, are fundamentally incapable of normalcy. But “normal” is a slippery and perhaps unnecessary concept to focus on, right? It is not “healthy” that they are looking for, or “satisfied” or even the “good” a little less judged. And the series doesn’t seem to know how she feels about her heroine’s “abnormal” sexual desires. (This is a problem she shares with the book.) Marianne is so willing to do anything to make the men around her happy that when she expresses a desire that is supposedly hers, he is very, very difficult to say if this is really what she wants, or just what she thinks she should want, or what she has been conditioned to accept in place of love (so the physical violence). I find it unfortunate that Marianne’s interests seem to be linked to the pathology – that she is traumatized and that she thinks she deserves to be injured, and this is why she wants to be hit, as opposed to Marianne who grew up and explored her sexuality and came to a place where she is: this is what turns me on, I love you, let’s try this.

Also: Our resolution here is so cliché! I mean, literally saying “If you touch it again, I’ll kill you” Come on sure. But let’s not get ahead.


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