Normal People episode 10 recap


Normal people

Episode 10

Season 1

Episode 10

Editor’s note

3 stars

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In another interesting departure from the book, Connell doesn’t just go through therapy, but actually gets something out of therapy. For my part, I think it’s great! Everyone on this show should be in therapy. Niall, the (1) decent human being named in Connell’s network of friends (Marianne is Joanna), suggested that, two months after a massive trauma, Connell still was not sleeping or feeling well.

Rob, Connell’s friend from high school who never left his hometown, committed suicide on New Years Eve. Although Connell was home for the holidays, it doesn’t seem like the two met , and at midnight Connell kissed Helen, who later came back in that soft pink hat to further establish her brand as Not Marianne.


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