No new cases of COVID-19 in Brooks or Medicine Hat


Medicine Hat remains at 34 cases, six are now active and 28 recovered. This represents an increase of two recovered cases.

There are a total of 1,162 cases in the South zone, an increase of only three.

In Alberta, approximately 77% of cases have recovered. There are 4,866 cases recovered and 1,361 active cases.

As the province begins to reopen on Thursday, Hinshaw said it was a two-way street.

“Both customers and commercial operators are responsible for safety and common sense,” she said.

“As we begin our recovery, I encourage all Albertans to help strengthen these new social standards among themselves. Once we reopen, we want to stay open. And we want businesses to succeed and Albertans to stay safe. “

Hinshaw also touched on the idea of ​​a cohort. She said she understood the desire but that “limiting the number of people you come into close contact with is the best way to limit the possibility of spread.”

“Expanding your cohort to a very small group of people may work, but you have to follow all the guidelines and make sure that everyone agrees to be just one cohort with each other.”

As to whether groups of friends can get together in a bar or restaurant for a drink this weekend, Hinshaw said that people should always stay at least two meters from anyone outside of your household or your cohort.

“We continue to inform you that when you are within two meters of someone, especially when you share food or drink, this puts you at risk of transmitting the virus.

She also reiterated good hand washing, physical remoteness and other measures to succeed in the recovery.

The Chief Medical Officer of Health thanked the Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services teams for their tireless work in responding to the virus.

“Their efforts have been essential to our ability to prevent the spread of this virus and to respond to immediate concerns in epidemic situations,” she said.

She added that the work of primary care and organizations of newcomers was vast and incredibly important and that they “provide essential public health advice on the ground to operators and employers”.

Hinshaw provided more information on the workplace guidance documents released on Tuesday.

“These guidelines apply to all environments, be it a mall, a retail business, or a specific industry,” she said. “Companies can follow these guidelines and make decisions about how to apply the guidelines to their specific environment.”

More specific guidelines will continue to be developed on a sectoral basis.

There are currently 73 people hospitalized with COVID-19, including 12 in the ICU.

There is still one death in the province, for a total of 118.

Among the previously known outbreaks, there are 25 active cases at the High River facility in Cargill and 920 recovered, and the Harmony plant has 12 active cases and 28 recovered.

There are 105 active cases in continuing care facilities in Alberta and 557 recovered cases.

The province has started to upload a more detailed table for each zone.

Newell County has 13 cases, two assets and 11 recovered.

In Cypress County, they report 10 cases of COVID-19, three active and seven recovered.

Forty Mile County and Taber Municipal District each have two confirmed cases listed as recovered.

Special Zone 2 has two confirmed cases, one recovered and the other dead.

The City of Lethbridge has 19 active cases, seven listed active and 12 recovered. Lethbridge County has registered a recovered case.


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