Nicolas Cage to play Joe Exotic in a limited TV series – World News


The Joe Exotic phenomenon continues to grow, with Nicolas Cage playing in a television mini-series about the owner of colorful wild animals made famous by the “Tiger King” docuseries.

The television series is the first for Cage, who has played a series of characters in films including “Leaving Las Vegas”, for which he won an Oscar, “Moonstruck” and “National Treasure”.

Imagine Television Studios and CBS Television Studios are among the producers of the eight-part limited project.

He will explore how Joe Shreibvogel became Joe Exotic and detail his efforts to keep his Oklahoma zoo open “even at the risk of losing his mind,” the producers said in a statement on Monday. It is based on the Texas Monthly magazine article “Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey Into the World of a Man Gone Wild” by Leif Reigstad.

Dan Laguna, who along with producer Paul Young chose the article, will write and produce the executive series, which will soon seek a distribution agreement, said the producers.

Netflix’s “Tiger King” has made Joe Exotic an object of fascination and controversy. He is now known as Joseph Maldonado-Passage and is serving a federal prison sentence for his conviction in a conspiracy to murder murder of another and for the mistreatment of animals.


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