NHL builds June draft ahead of Monday’s board of governors – The Athletic


This is where it gets interesting. By polling the general managers of the league for their opinion on the conduct of the NHL draft in June, the answer was clear: not in favor. Truly, not at all. In the note the NHL sent to his teams on Friday, Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly confirmed it, writing that the majority of GMs prefer to keep the current system – one season and THEN a project. In whatever form.

“I don’t think the hockey guys like it early,” said a general manager on Friday of the June draft. “There is nothing that benefits us. “

This is a fair conclusion, from a pure hockey operations station. But there is also the other side to consider. The league is currently able to lose a lot of money. The success of the NFL draft, which included a 37% increase in viewers the first night, has certainly been noticed.

“The league wants it because …


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