NEWS: France publishes the latest figures on coronaviruses.


The latest figures from Coronavirus in France.

BREAKING NEWS: France publishes the latest figures on coronaviruses

French health officials say there have been 80 Covid-19 deaths in the past 24 hours. This is the lowest daily balance in a month.

A total of 26,310 people died from coronaviruses in the country. In detail, there were 16,573 deaths in hospitals (+ 76 in 24 hours, the smallest increase recorded since March 21) and 9,737 in medico-social establishments (+ 4), especially in nursing homes. rest.

In the intensive care units, the decline that started several weeks ago is already continuing. If 38 new serious cases have been admitted, the results remain negative with 56 fewer patients this Saturday. Some 2,812 patients are still hospitalized in these services, reserved for the most serious cases.

22,614 people are hospitalized for Covid-19 infection and 265 new admissions were recorded in 24 hours. Since the start of the epidemic, nearly 96,000 French people have been hospitalized and more than 56,000 people have returned home


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