Newcastle United takeover: potential owners await final result but are on track for approval


The Newcastle United takeover proposal has passed the last round of the Premier League owner and manager test without complications.

Chronicle Live understands that the in-depth review of the takeover approach by Amanda Staveley, the Reuben Brothers and the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund is now in the final stages and there has been no hiccups .

The good news for United fans is that the process is still underway for the Magpies to have a new owner and no red flags – despite new opposition from other prominent clubs and new complaints about the agreement.

Sources in the Middle East now suggest there is a real air of confidence that the takeover will have the outcome that Geordie fans are praying for.

The situation has already captured the imagination of fans more than 4,000 miles from St James ‘Park.

Indeed, television reports from Saudi Arabia now mention United in the country from which 80% of its supporters will come, not to mention reruns of retro Toon matches that have fueled the appetite of Gulf fans.

The takeover has now reached the point where confirmation from the Premier League comes next, which would then be followed by the final transfer of funds from the consortium of bidders to Mike Ashley’s bank account.

Ashley has remained silent about the situation throughout the virus pandemic, but it is believed that the current owner says he is awaiting a call from the Premier League – via his legal team and close associates – and that he may remain in the United States until everything is finished. .

United returned to training with Steve Bruce admitting that he was not informed by general manager Lee Charnley at this point.

Despite reports that players have been called to a room and informed of the deal, the team is also awaiting acknowledgments from Ashley or his closest associates.

Toon boss Bruce said today, “I have a wonderful working relationship with Lee Charnley and he said” when there is something to tell you, Steve, I will tell you. “

“We left it there and went back to work. I’m in the dark like most of the others, and for that, I’m really happy, because I can’t talk about it. It’s not worth talking about it like I really don’t know. ”

The Magpies have maintained “no comment” status on buyout stories for the past two months.


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