New York records 299 additional coronavirus deaths in 24 hours


299 people across New York have died from the coronavirus in the past 24 hours – an “obnoxiously high” number, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Saturday.

The deaths left 10 dead from the previous day, of which 276 died in hospitals and 23 in nursing homes, for a total of 18,909 people across the state.

“This number has remained incredibly high and terrifying and still isn’t dropping at the rate we would like to see,” Cuomo said during a daily briefing from the Corona maintenance center in New York City Transit in Flushing, where the trains will be sanitized. every evening.

831 additional New Yorkers were admitted to hospitals with COVID-19 cases, said Cuomo, a decrease from previous days when admissions reached a plateau around 900.

More than 10,300 New Yorkers are still hospitalized with COVID-19, including 2,923 on intensive care ventilators, according to state data.

Diagnoses have increased by 4,663, state officials said Saturday, for a total of 312,977 across the state.

Cuomo also announced the preliminary results of the 15,000 state antibody tests it started on April 22.

On that date, when 2,933 had been tested for signs that they had already fought the disease, the positivity rate was 14% nationwide. It has since fallen to 12%.

Only one age group saw an increase in positive antibody tests: 18 to 24 year olds. Their positive test rate dropped from 8% on April 22 to 11% on Saturday, the governor said.

New Yorkers aged 45 to 54 had the highest percentage, 14, of positive tests for antibodies.

In New York, the percentage of people who tested positive for antibodies was about 20% on Saturday, down two percentage points from April 22.

The results show that the Bronx was hit harder than any neighborhood, with 28% positive antibodies, compared to 19% in Brooklyn and Staten Island, 18 in Queens and 17 in Manhattan.

“We’re going to do more research to understand what’s going on there. Why is the Bronx higher than the other boroughs? Said Cuomo.

In counties outside New York, about 1 to 3 percent tested positive for antibodies.

Cuomo said the state will begin testing all transit workers for antibodies on Saturday, among several new initiatives.

And state workers will distribute 7 million masks starting Saturday to high-risk communities, including NYCHA complexes and nursing homes.

The state will also distribute $ 25 million to food banks across the state, including $ 11 million in New York, he said.


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