New York hairstylist who ignored stop order was hospitalized with coronavirus


A New York barber who defied the state’s closure order and had his hair cut from his own home spent four days in hospital after contracting COVID-19. But even after his release on Friday, Kingston resident Joseph LaLima insisted that he had not violated Governor Andrew Cuomo’s closure order because he had not done his job in the hairdresser. “He said not to open your stores, hair salons, beauty salons, nail salons, tattoo parlors. So I didn’t, “said LaLima, quoted by The New York Times. Ulster County health officials have now released a public health advisory urging anyone who has had a LaLima haircut in the past three weeks to be tested for the virus. Ulster County Health Commissioner Dr. Carol Smith called it “incredibly disheartening” to learn that “a hair salon has been operating illegally for weeks with a positive COVID-19 employee.”

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