New Toronto neighborhood map details number of coronavirus cases


TORONTO – Canada’s most populous city has released a map of the areas hardest hit by COVID-19.

Toronto’s chief medical officer of health says COVID-19 is present in all neighborhoods, but the northwest and northeast parts of the city have the highest number of infections.

Dr. Eileen de Villa notes that the map represents where the patients live, not necessarily where they caught the virus.

She says it is important to note that a neighborhood with more COVID-19 does not mean that there is a higher risk of infection there.

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De Villa says the data should be used to encourage proactive testing in certain neighborhoods and promote education, rather than stigmatizing regions.

The city is also introducing a new measure to promote physical remoteness at Trinity Bellwoods Park, where thousands of people gathered on Saturday to the dismay of many: black circles will be painted on the ground to ensure that people keep a good distance.

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The Toronto Public Health Service says the city has registered 10,525 cases of COVID-19, and 7,814 of these patients have recovered.

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He said that 780 other people with the virus died.

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