New Nissan Z confirmed in the official video with a possible 240Z design


Today is a good day for Nissan Z fans, and fans of sports cars in general. Today, Nissan has let the world know that the Z has a future in the automaker’s lineup.

In a YouTube video posted on the official company channel, (not so casually titled “From A to Z”), the company shows a number of new vehicles in the works. But, it does not end before giving us a good overview of the profile and the front of the next Nissan Z.

You search well, Z.

YouTube Screencap

Details of the Nissan Z 2022

At the 28-second mark, the Z is first developed and it looks like the sports car is for a much simpler look than many expected. The front fairing seems to tilt the rounder headlights and the profile seems to tilt down, much like the original 240Z. If we see correctly, the rear will also abandon the angular taillights for more square units, perhaps drawing inspiration from the 300ZX. These elements were also mentioned after various dealers saw the new sports car last January.

We have heard whispers that this generation of Z, perhaps called 400Z, will reach the past for its new look. So far, so good. Nissan chief designer Alfonso Albaisa also alluded to new generation Z car in an exclusive Roadshow column. And if there’s no hesitation in saying it’s not the next Z, Nissan gives us a nice close-up view of the “Z” badge on the C-pillar.

What will the next Z rock do under the hood? We don’t really know yet, but there are two potential options. The first is a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 borrowed from Infiniti. This option would probably make the Z quite expensive. The second option is a version of the The new Nissan Frontier V6, which could produce 350 to 400 horsepower. We have also heard of the possibility of a new 500 hp Nismo model.

I can not. Wait.

YouTube Screencap

Nissan told Roadshow that the video was released for the first time after the announcement of its transformation plan and that it was “focused on making exciting Nissan vehicles available to customers around the world” until 2023. The automaker declined to comment further on the Z.

But after years of clues, the Z could die, fans can sleep well tonight knowing that this car is real.

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