New Episodes of Archers Reveal Life in Custody at Ambridge | TV & radio


Fans of the Archers were worried about young Johnny’s hair loss, Lynda’s recovery from the Gray Gables blast, and Kirsty’s imminent marriage to a master slave bird watcher when the coronavirus had changed everything.

Instead, 12 scripts and five weeks of scripts that were about to be written were summed up, said program director Jeremy Howe.

At the start of the pandemic, it looked less like a recording at Ambridge than “more like the Battle of the Alamo,” said Howe, as producers tried to find new ways to create the show.

Archers’ regular broadcasts ended in early May to be replaced by three weeks of classics, also known as rehearsals, in the archives. Next week, the soap opera from Radio 4 returns with life to Ambridge locked.

Writing in the Radio Times, Howe says, “We had to start from scratch and we had to find a new way to create The Archers so that everything – absolutely everything – could be done remotely. It was probably the biggest challenge the program has ever faced. “

The actors had to create their own home studio with a standing microphone, connected to a computer, and as many duvets as they can find to pamper themselves.

Before the lockdown, there were a lot of jokes and common cricket discussions in the pub, now restored under its proper name of Bull rather than The B in Ambridge.


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