Never forgotten – the faces of loved ones lost to coronavirus in Birmingham and Black Country


The specter of the coronavirus has cast a shadow over Birmingham and the Dark Country.

The virus has left hundreds of people dead in hospitals, nursing homes and the community, and has devastated countless families, friends and colleagues.

Behind the statistics, there are individuals whose lives have been cut short by a virus that has wreaked havoc.

Here at BirminghamLive and BlackCountryLive, it is our job to count the cost of the virus in faces and memories, not just numbers and graphics.

It is a living document. If you wish to pay a public tribute to your loved one, please contact us by e-mail. [email protected]

Information has been provided by families or friends or, in some cases, by inquiries heard by area coroners.

Father of five, Mumtaz Ahmad, died at Walsall Manor Hospital on Saturday March 28 after catching Covid-19
Father of five, Mumtaz Ahmad, died at Walsall Manor Hospital on Saturday March 28 after catching Covid-19

Mumtaz Ahmad, 64, died on March 28 after rapidly deteriorating after falling ill just over a week earlier. A popular father of five, he was described as a well-respected, down-to-earth man popular in the local community. His family thinks he could have caught Covid-19 after attending a funeral and a large rally earlier this month. Read the full story here

Joan Annie Ashby, 100, a retired store owner, was a resident of Castlecroft’s residence in Weoley Castle when she fell from a chair and broke her hip. She underwent surgery but developed Covid-19 at the hospital and died on April 23.

Nazir Awan, 67, grandfather of six, from Sutton Coldfield, fell ill with a fever and was taken to Good Hope Hospital where he died on April 9.

He has been described as “a leading community model and figure”. He was the managing director of Awan International – which was founded almost 50 years ago – and also well known for his extensive charitable work. Read the full story here

Malcolm Barton, 89, a former mayor of Walsall, died on April 13. The father of two and his grandfather were the city’s civic leader in 1991. Read the full article HERE

Jean and Charlie Beattie

Charlie Beattie, 82, Sutton Coldfield, died in a nursing home where he had lived for two years after a hospital stay. His wife Jean paid tribute to her wonderful husband and the incredible staff at the nursing home, who saw eight other deaths related to Covid-19. Charlie, a former teacher, was a father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Read the full story here

Warisa Begum, 83, of Kenelm Road, Small Heath, died of Covid-19 pneumonia at home after suddenly developing shortness of breath. She was part of a household with symptoms of Covid-19.

Said Bibi, 74, from George Arthur Road, Birmingham, died at Heartlands Hospital on April 1 after falling ill with Covid-19. She was seen by a doctor on March 27, suffered from breathing difficulties and fever, and then suffered two cardiac arrests quickly and died.

Keith Philip Bodley, 77, of Ashbrook Grove, Stirchley, suffered a hip fracture in a fall at home on March 8. He developed a chest infection after surgery and died on March 24.

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William John Brown, 89, of Swallows Meadow, Shirley, died of Covid-19 on April 1. He was admitted to Heartlands Hospital on March 13 after he fell home and suffered a hip fracture that led to surgery. He was then transferred to Solihull hospital and recovered well but developed a fever and tested positive for the virus just before his death.

John Bousfield, 65 was a hugely popular coach, referee and former NHS employee who died at Queen Elizabeth Hospital – where he previously worked as a nurse – in March. John, known to many as “Bousa” and “Mr Rubery Juniors”, not only co-founded the Birmingham South football club by that name, but helped “build a community”.

He had fought the Covid-19 virus for a week but had a number of underlying health conditions and was particularly vulnerable, said his family. Read the full story here

Paul David Coleman, 42, a panel mixer from Aukland Drive, Castle Bromwich, died on April 4 of respiratory failure due to Covid-19, with contributing factors including a fractured spine, chronic alcoholic liver disease and pituitary surgery .

He was admitted to Heartlands Hospital on February 24 after a fall in his home bathroom after suffering from a spinal fracture, but died later after developing a coronavirus.

Simon Peter Crooks, 60, a retired Tilesford Close corporate secretary, Shirley, suffered from Parkinson’s disease when he developed Covid-19. He died at home on April 5 after developing a cough and fever.

An investigation report said: “The symptoms were initially mild but after a few days they worsened and his mobility and walking deteriorated. He collapsed at home … CPR started, the paramedics arrived shortly after and continued resuscitation, but to no avail. “

Betty Jean Draper, 85, a retired factory worker, living in the retirement village of New Oscott, fell and fractured her hip. During her recovery, she developed a coronavirus. She was sent home for palliative care and died on April 25.

Jeanne Elizabeth Evans, 84, from Leasowe Road, Rubery, a former school cleaner, suffered a broken hip when she fell on tiled floors at home. She developed symptoms of coronavirus after an operation that caused her death. Hip injury, chronic kidney disease and high blood pressure also contributed to his death on April 23.

Marie Ford, 81 from Bramcote Road, Quinton, a former cook, fell and broke her hip. She developed Covid-19 after her operation and died a few days later, April 18, at home.

Kate Fox has taught at Thorns Collegiate College for over 20 years

Kate Fox was a popular teacher who had taught students at Thorns Collegiate College, Quarry Bank, for over 20 years.

She died in the early hours of April 2 following a battle with the coronavirus that had exacerbated the underlying health problems. Read the full story here

Pauline Trudy Goldsmith, 88, a resident of Birchmere Mews, a nursing home in Knowle, Solihull, fell and fractured her hip. She was admitted to hospital but developed a coronavirus. She died on April 20.

Noel Fitzgerald Hudson, 88, a retired plant manager fell in the bathroom of his nursing home, Elliot House, on March 10 and was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for surgery.

His investigation report confirmed that he later developed Covid-19 and died on March 23.

Thomas Michael Hughes, 71, from Church Hill Road, Solihull developed a coronavirus after breaking his hip in a fall in his garden. He died on April 17.

Afsar hussain

Afsar Hussain, 86, from Saltley, died in hospital less than 24 hours after being diagnosed with coronavirus. Mr. Hussain, a former worker at the Dudley Road smelter, was the father of eight children and a 19-year-old grandfather. He was admitted to Heartlands Hospital on March 20 and died on March 21.

Her daughter was the only family member by her side after pleading with doctors to allow her to sit with her father in his last moments. Read the full story here

Basharat Hussain, 66, father of seven, he lived in the Pleck area of ​​Walsall. He died at Heartlands Hospital on March 25.

Mohammed Iqbal, 66 a “caring and highly respected” father of three from Charlotte Street died at Walsall Manor Hospital on March 30.

Muhammad Islam,a social worker who took care of the children in care and those leaving care, died after spending “several weeks in the hospital” trying to repel the virus. He has been described as “big-hearted”, “one of the nicest people I know” and “an amazing man” by broken-hearted colleagues at the Birmingham Children’s Trust. Read the full story here

Anwar Jan, 84, from Markby Road, Birmingham, had had a cough and high temperature for seven days before becoming very ill and developing shortness of breath. Her family called 999 and she quickly went into cardiac arrest. Despite the CPR of paramedics, his death was confirmed in the ambulance outside the city hospital.

Doris Johnson, 92 fell in the nursing home where she lived, The Orchards, in Shard End, and broke her hip. She developed Covid-19 during her convalescence and unfortunately died on April 17.

Rozalia Kovacs, 80, a beloved grandfather, from Weddbury, died at Walsall Manor Hospital on March 28, about 13 days after falling ill.

Great-grandmother Rozalia Kovacs, who died of a coronavirus with her family

Ms. Kovacs, originally from Hungary, lived with her daughter Zsuzsanna, granddaughter Nikolett and great-grandchildren Levente, 12, Lily Mia, Daniel, 5 and 2 years old. Zsuzsanna and Nikolett also had symptoms of coronavirus but did not require hospital care. Read the full story here

Stella Phyllis Jacques, 78 years old Tamworth, who suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), died after a fall at home and a broken hip. When admitted to hospital, she tested positive for Covid-19 and, although discharged, was then transported to hospital after deteriorating and died on 11 April.

Mahadaye Jagroop, known as Mary, a nurse, died at Heartlands Hospital, where she worked, on April 22. Devastated colleagues paid tribute to a “beautiful” and “much loved” member of the Covid-19 patient care team.

She had a distinguished career as a nurse and was a respected NHS worker, said the hospital trust. Read the full story here

Joan Betty McGregor Cleaver, 93, was a former textile design consultant. She fell in the nursing home where she lived, Sunrise in Edgbaston, on March 21. She was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital with a broken hip, which was treated by surgery, but then developed a chest infection and was diagnosed with Covid-19, who died on April 1.

Sheila Millward, 74, of Brownhills, died on April 11. Her daughter Kim Harrison learned of her mother’s death while in hospital fighting to fight the virus. Read the full story here

Patricia Imelda Mohamed, née Cowen, 87, of Dolphin Lane, Acocks Green, died of Covid-19 at Heartlands Hospital. A former nursing assistant, she was admitted on March 27 after falling into the kitchen at home. She already had a cough and fever, and the coronavirus was confirmed with a positive sample. Unfortunately, she developed viral pneumonia and died on April 2.

Kathleen Winifred Montgomery, 91, a retired trader suffered a fall from the bed, one of a series of falls, and a CT scan revealed a brain hemorrhage. At the time of her death, she had Covid-19, although this was an underlying factor contributing to her death on April 17, the coroner ruled.

Areema Nasreen, 36, was a dedicated nurse and mother of three who died of a coronavirus at Walsall Manor Hospital – where she worked for 16 years. Areema has been fighting for her life in the hospital for about two weeks after contracting the deadly virus. Read the tributes to Areema HERE

Mohammed Nehman, one of the best bus drivers in the city, unfortunately deceased from Covid-19

Mohammed Nehman, 36, was best known for driving bus number eight through Alum Rock. He has been described as “loving, caring and brilliant”. He died of Covid-19 on April 5.

Mohammed – a married father of three – worked for the National Express West Midlands for 11 years, where his colleagues said they were heartbroken. He had two sons, aged 11 and six and an 11-month-old daughter, and was self-isolated in his Alum Rock home after falling ill with symptoms of coronavirus. Read the full story here

Hazel Iris Newton, 68, from Conway Road, Fordbridge, a former kitchen manager, fell in her garden on April 5 and suffered a shocking spine injury that left her paralyzed. Later, she developed a pulmonary embolism and a coronavirus and died on April 16.

Father Bernard O’Connor, described as a “truly inspiring” city priest, from St Mary’s Parish Church in Harborne, lost his three-week battle with the virus on April 16.

Father Bernard, who was a member of the Augustinian brothers in Britain and Ireland, died peacefully surrounded by nurses at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Read the full story here

Stéphanie Peart, 60 years olda former Walsall counselor had isolated herself from her home in Blakenall when she was discovered on March 21 by her brother Chris, who had gone to drop her off with some essentials. Read the full story here

William John Penfold, 94, from Plowden Road, Stechford, had been found lying on the floor at home by his family and, at the hospital, had an acute kidney injury. He was also found to have coronavirus, which together were the main cause of his death, tried the coroner, who said the length of his stay on the floor contributed to his death. He died on April 20 at Heartlands Hospital.

Jocelyn Pettit, 54, from Castle Vale, was found collapsed at his home on April 8 and died a day later in hospital. His death came just days after the death of his beloved father, Vincent, from the virus. She was well known and much loved in the Castle Vale community and had been very active in the local punk scene. Read the story HERE

Susan Prince, 62, was a “bubbly” and “funny” Pensnett former nurse who tragically died of a coronavirus on April 8 at Russells Hall Hospital. The nurse who became a caregiver worked for Care 4 U and covered the Dudley area. Read the full story here

Vincent Pettit, 86, Jocelyn’s father died of the virus on April 4. He was living in a nursing home at the time of his death.

Jacqueline Powers, 53, fell at her home in Solihull last December, fracturing her ribs while the coronavirus was still unknown. However, three months later, having never left the hospital after developing life-threatening complications, it was Covid-19 who ultimately died.

Ms. Powers, a customer service worker, suffered from respiratory failure during a “difficult and prolonged stay at the ITU”, eventually transferred to a department where she died.

Abdul Razaq, 66, a grandfather, who died on April 7 – leaving his family and friends devastated. Abdul, who had two sons Nadim and Amar, has been described as a “good man” who cared deeply for the community of Chuckery, in Walsall, where he lived for decades. Read the full story here

Birnham Roberts, 82, was a beloved former bus driver who died at the city hospital on March 18 after contracting a coronavirus.

The 82-year-old grandfather from Smethwick had diabetes and hasn’t been feeling well since the beginning of the month, said daughter Cherelle. Unable to shake up the illness, the former National Express bus driver was transferred from his home to the hospital on March 9, where he deteriorated. Read the full story here

Stanley Edward Robinson, 91, a former foreman at cable junction of Limetree Road, Streetly, Sutton Coldfield, developed Covid-19 and died at Good Hope Hospital one month after fracturing his ankle by falling from his stairlift. He then developed hospital-acquired pneumonia and Covid-19 and, despite antibiotics, continued to worsen. Comfort care was agreed with his family and he died on March 28.

Ronald John Rudd, 88, from Moorpark Road, Northfield, was a retired postman. He died on March 22 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. He had been admitted with a cough four days earlier but had not recovered.

Mohammed Riaz, 73 of Small Heath, died three days after his wife Karamat Begum, 72 years old. Mrs. Begum died on April 9 and her husband on Easter Sunday April 12.

The devoted grandparents, married for about 50 years, were then buried side by side. Read the full story here

Mohamud Salah, 74 years old was a retired environmental scientist from Tamworth Grove, Balsall Heath. He died on March 18 of Covid-19, with contributing characteristics of diabetes and hypertension. He fell very ill and suffered cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital, dying soon after.

Peter Sinclair, 73, famed PM trainer David Cameron before becoming professor of economics at the University of Birmingham. He died on March 31. Read the full article HERE

Pamela Stanway, 63 was a resident of a section at the Eden unit at Brooklands Hospital in Marston Green when she became ill with respiratory failure and was rushed to hospital, where she died of Covid-19, April 11.

Allan John Smith, 77, retired decorator from Forest Close, Sutton Coldfield, Smith had been sick for two weeks with a cough and high temperature, and was isolating himself at home. Tragically, his son found him unconscious in bed on March 25, and despite attempts by paramedics to resuscitate him, he died.

Caroline Walters, 64, from Meriden, Solihull, died of the virus, prompting her broken-hearted daughter Kerry to urge people to “stay inside.” Ms. Walters died at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Caroline Walters died of a coronavirus

Caroline had battled lung cancer when she was diagnosed with the virus. Read the full story here

Choudhary Aslam Wassan, 67, A former popular food pioneer and political activist, he died in intensive care at the City Hospital after being defeated by the virus. On a last heartbreaking phone call just before he was put under a ventilator to save him, he said to his son Zia, “Take care of your mom and family, take care of yourself.” and I’ll see you in three days. ”

The ventilator was arrested after he showed no signs of healing, said nephew Jawaad ​​Ashraf, speaking on behalf of the family. Read the full story here

Barbara May Ward, 86, from Walsall Road, Perry Barr, was found dead at home after reporting the day before of coronavirus symptoms. The police came after concerns were raised about her and found her collapsed.

Alan Warman, 62, from Groveley Lane, Longbridge, collapsed at home after suffering from the severe effects of coronavirus. He had tested positive the day before. Unfortunately, he could not be resuscitated and died at home.

Stanley Thomas Waters, 89, a retired heat engineer from Kingsbrook Drive, Hillfield, Solihull, died at Solihull Hospital on April 5, where he was transferred for rehabilitation from Heartlands Hospital.

Originally, he went to hospital with a broken hip after falling home while bending over and lost his balance. He underwent total hip replacement surgery on February 2, but then developed respiratory symptoms, including hospital-acquired pneumonia and then Covid-19. He died on April 5.

Dr. Vishna Rasiah, Consultant Neonatologist at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospitals, died on April 24. He was married and had a daughter. Announcing her death, Sarah-Jane Marsh, Executive Director of the Birmingham Foundation for Women and Children, NHS Trust, said she was “passionate” about caring for babies and their families.

Dr. Rasiah – who was known to his friends as Vish – was the clinical manager of the regional neonatal network.

Barbara Freda Whiting, 92, Meriden Rise’s Solihull fell while vacuuming at home, fracturing her right hip. She was hospitalized for ten days, undergoing surgery, and was sent home; however, the next day, March 31, she was readmitted to Heartlands Hospital because she struggled at home and was in pain. Later, she tested positive for Covid-19 and suddenly deteriorated, dying on April 13.

Janet Ann Whittle, 88, died six days after being admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for a hip fracture after falling from a chair at Oakview Care Home in Overfield Road, Birmingham. Shortly after undergoing surgery, she developed a lung infection and tested positive for Covid-19, who died on March 29.

Anthony Richard Williams, 84, a former factory worker at Adelaide Tower, Shard End, was being treated at the hospital for his chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and preparing to leave when he fell from the bed and fractured his hip. He later developed Covid-19 and died on April 20 at the Royal Orthapaedic Hospital in Northfield.

Robert Woodhouse, 53, a coach driver from Oldbury died after suffering from Covid-19 symptoms for several days. He had been prescribed antibiotics twice by his general practitioner after telephone consultations, but called an ambulance on March 31 after shortness of breath.

He suffered cardiac arrest and died shortly after leaving a daughter and three grandchildren. Her daughter’s tribute to Mr. Woodhouse is HERE.

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