Netflix Dead to Me Season 2 Questions and Answers


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All right, people. Netflix Dead for me is back for season 2 with more twists, more turns and even more incredible real estate (I mean, did you see the houses in this show?) And just like last season, the finale left us lots of cliffhangers to discuss. We have no idea if there will be a season 3, but here are the questions that could make great plot points if S3 occurs.

Is this cop going to be in trouble for letting Jen drop out?

There is no way the saga will be over, right? Because eventually someone will find out that she let Jen go even though Jen had literally confessed to a murder, and it’s going to be a big deal, I guess. It gets even more complicated when you think about the fact that Steve’s body has now been found, which brings us to…

Jen and Judy will they get caught now that this hiker fell on Steve’s body ??

Okay, yes, so towards the end of the episode, we saw a hiker’s dog dig near the tree where Jen and Judy buried Steve. Suppose the dog raised a hand or something, they got the body back, and this is where Ben was going when he crashed into Judy and Jen (alcohol might mean he had news overwhelming, as if his brother had officially died). Now that there is a body involved, will Jen and Judy get caught for what they did? The evidence is hard to ignore.

Will Judy and Jen ever understand that it was Steve’s brother Ben who hit them?

Because he obviously left very quickly to avoid the trouble he could have had for drinking and driving. Fortunately, Jen and Judy survived, but Ben didn’t know it was when he took off. Looks like this is one more crime to cover!

Will Judy’s mom get out of prison and make her miserable?

It seems that the plot with Judy’s mother has been used this season to further explain who Judy is and why she is the way she is, but it would also be strange to totally drop this scenario for season 3 (if there is has one). I make a totally random prediction that Judy’s mother will be released from prison next season and will make Judy’s life a living hell. Wouldn’t it be fun !?

What is Charlie going to do now that he has read the letters?

It is safe to assume that he knows everything his mother wrote in the letters, which means that he knows that his mother killed a guy and that she was about to turn into the police. It’s a pretty crazy thing to learn about your own mother. Will this push him to rebel or stop messing around?


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