Neil Ruddock had a pacemaker after drinking a row with Paul Merson


Neil Ruddock revealed that he was wearing a pacemaker after his explosive argument with Paul Merson in which he threatened to beat the Arsenal legend.

“Razor” Ruddock has a reputation for being a badass and criticized the great Arsenal Merson, saying that his alcohol consumption was killing him.

Merson talked about his own alcohol addiction problems in the past and tried to help his old friend.

However, Ruddock responded by threatening to beat Merson in an exchange filmed as part of ITV’s new Harry’s Heroes series.

But despite the fiery argument, the pair have now reconciled and Ruddock is grateful for Merson’s intervention.

Neil Ruddock revealed he is wearing a pacemaker

Speaking to Merson on Instagram Live, Ruddock said, “We’ve had a romantic tiff and I know you’re like sitting around saying” Oh, I shouldn’t have done anything. “

“But looking back, I want to thank you for lifting me up and for trying.

“Since the dust settled, I realize you did it because you care, you care about me.

“I admire you for having the balls to do it, few people would have had the balls to do it. I didn’t know how bad I was, my heart was.

Ruddock challenged Arsenal’s great Merson, saying his drinking was killing him

“And since the show, I have had a pacemaker. I know how you are, I don’t want you to panic thinking that you shouldn’t have gotten involved.

“But I would like to thank you for making this companion. “

During the argument, the former central defender left Merson in tears and also cried when he expressed his regret about the argument.

And speaking to Ruddock on their Instagram Live, Merson is now relieved to have been able to help.

Ruddock starred in the latest series of Harry’s Heroes

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Merson replied, “Thank you, upon entering your business, I felt a little bad.

“But then I thought you weren’t my companion, I care about you.” I tried my luck, I was with Dave Seaman and Mark Wright and I thought they would get up.

“I was worried, I was like a woah. They returned their croissants. I thought, “I’m in trouble.”

“We have known each other since we were 16 years old. I was in this position a year ago, it’s difficult. I felt like I had to say something. I’m glad I did it. ”

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