NBA team presidents operate with intent to resume season


NBA team presidents met on Thursday and emerged with the belief that there were still ways to resume the season, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban also expressed optimism that the league would find a way out of the stop caused by the coronavirus.

“Every intention is to come back to play and try to create the best possible environment for the league and for the fans,” said San Antonio Spurs CEO RC Buford said after participating in the call with the best officials of the team. “And we’re all on board for that. “

League team presidents hold regular calls, as do general managers, and these calls continued during the closure of the league. Thursday’s call was not organized for a particular reason.

The NBA has been closed since March 11 and 259 regular season games have yet to be played. It is unclear if any of these games would be rescheduled if the league resumed play, or if the NBA would opt directly for the post-season.

“As soon as we are safe, we would like to finish our season,” LeBron James, of the Los Angeles Lakers, leader of the Western Conference, tweeted on Thursday. “I am ready and our team is ready. Nobody should cancel anything. “

Cuban, speaking to CNN, said he was “cautiously optimistic” about the resumption of the season – even in empty buildings.

“I don’t expect us to have fans,” said Cuban.

Buford said teams and league officials are discussing countless options, none of which have been finalized and none of which have been specifically detailed by the NBA. Commissioner Adam Silver said the league is open to any ideas about when, where and how to resume.

“There are committees on the sport side, on the media side, on the arena operations side, on the property side, on the team presidents … there is so much discussion going on right now about how best to ‘engage our games and our fans’, Buford told me.

These talks are continuing and there are no plans to drop them anytime soon. Some teams may reopen their training facilities for voluntary training as early as May 8.

“It is the responsibility of the league office to explore all options for a return to the game this season,” said NBA spokesperson Mike Bass. “We owe it to our fans, teams, players, partners and everyone who loves the game.”


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