NBA in serious talks to relaunch season in Orlando, Disney World leads – The Athletic


Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort is clearly the favorite to become the NBA gaming site to resume the 2019-2020 season amid the coronavirus pandemic, sources told The Athletic. The NBA is in serious talks with Disney over the property, which has taken a big boost in cities like Las Vegas, sources say. It is not yet known when the games will begin, but several sources claim that the prospect that players will fully train in mid-June and play by mid-July has been the most popular and discussed scenario. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver told the Board of Governors on May 12 that he intends to decide the season in two to four weeks and wants to wait as long as he can to take final decisions.

While the league has explored the possibility of having matches in multiple cities, it seems likely that Orlando will be the only host. Sources confirmed that Houston had also been seriously considered a host city, but Orlando…


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