NASCAR race in Darlington: Chase Elliott returns Kyle Busch (video)


Sports beef is back!

NASCAR drivers have the best beef in any sport. Theirs is the only sport where doing something wrong can easily kill someone. So it’s not uncommon to see drivers getting upset, or just fighting directly.

Well, NASCAR is back – just like the beef.

Wednesday night’s run at Darlington was shortened by the rain, but not before Chase Elliott and Kyle Busch sparked controversy.

With 28 laps to go, Elliott was second behind eventual winner Denny Hamlin. Busch tried to sneak behind Elliott but collided with his rear tire and sent Elliott to careen into the interior wall.

A furious Elliott refused to be checked by doctors until he could give Busch a finger as he returned to the runway.

Busch admitted he messed up, saying after the race that he “made a mistake and misjudged the gap” between Elliott and the car behind him. Busch spoke with Elliott’s crew, and it did not appear that his apology was expected.

“They are upset. They’re crazy, “said Busch. “I’m not just going to fix this and we’re going to go get an ice cream tomorrow.” Obviously, they are going to have to dwell on it and the repercussions that I am sure I will have later on the road. ”


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