Moxley survives Lee to retain AEW world title at Double or Nothing


The first of Double or Nothing’s main events took place at the Daily Place in Jacksonville, and required security guards wearing face masks to keep world champion Jon Moxley from Mr. Brodie Lee from The Dark Order away.

Of course, it was the Exalted One (which Jim Ross reminded us hated to sneeze) who brought the belt to the ring, since he stole it from Mox a few weeks ago.

None of this mattered once the match started, because things got worse early. Mox dove out after an early trade, but quickly paid for the decision when he was hung on the ground. It was not long before the champion was placed on a piece of the barricade which had been propped up on the permanent railing.

Mox was right on a striking exchange in the ring, but then took too long to move up to his next spot. This almost led to him being bombarded with power across the timekeeper’s table, but the champion was able to counter and reverse Lee instead.

With the tone “Holy $ #! + ”, The battle was raging. The arrival started with Mox striking a paradigm shift from the stages of the stage that put the two men across the ramp.

A bloodied Lee managed to emerge and expel another of the champion’s finishers in the ring. But after a barrage of blows to the head, the referee called the bell when Brodie’s hand fell while Mox had a tight sleeper.

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