Movies like the excitement to watch after Netflix’s Chris Hemsworth thriller



With theaters closed at the moment, Netflix Extraction is the closest thing we’re going to get for a blockbuster right now. Action-packed, with a long-term “one-er” killer and a Mr. Chris Hemsworth, one of the best action stars right now, Extraction is an action thriller with gravelly on top that tears up the graphics on Netflix.

Directed by a stunt veteran turned filmmaker Sam Hargrave, the film stars Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a mercenary tormented by his dark past who takes on his deadliest job while saving the kidnapped child from an international crime boss. The army is a proven action genre tradition, and if you’re looking for more movies to fill the void after the credits are over, we’ve got you covered. Some of them have a similar action atmosphere, many of them follow the tradition of the “tough guy to the rescue”, and some who are linked to the tone, the material or the filmmakers who did Extraction such a blow.

Check out our list of movies to watch if you liked Extraction below and be sure to resonate in the comments with your recommendations. And if you want to know more about the film, be sure to check out our spoiler-filled conversation with Hargrave at the end.


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