Most Canadians want US border to stay closed longer during coronavirus pandemic: poll


Travel restrictions between the Canada and the US border expire on June 21, a new poll shows many Canadians would prefer to keep it closed longer.

A study released this week by the Angus Reid Institute found that a majority of respondents were against reopening the US border as planned. About 42% said they would prefer to reopen the border until September, while about 26% said the restriction should not be lifted until next year. Only 14% of people were comfortable with the current June deadline.

The survey found that even Canadians who had been to the United States frequently before the pandemic were not too keen to return. About 84% of Canadians living near the border said they would avoid traveling even after the restriction was lifted.

Angus Reid Institute

A graph from the Angus Reid Institute shows that only 19% of respondents wanted to reopen the border after June 21.

The greatest concern of Canadians may not be the political response of states to the pandemic, but their record number of cases. The United States currently has 1.57 million COVID-19 cases and is approaching 100,000 deaths. In comparison, Canada had 84,070 cases on Sunday and 6,380 deaths. The border between Canada and the United States has been closed for non-essential travel since March 16.

The U.S. response to the growing pandemic has been framed by controversy over President Donald Trump, from his spitting funding with the World Health Organization to publicly reprimanding the advice of his own best medical adviser.

Trump also wanted to start reopening the US economy, even at the cost of more lives. Trudeau announced the “mutual” extension of border restrictions earlier this month, after Trump repeatedly said in April that he would reopen soon.


The U.S. border crossing is seen on March 18, 2020 in Lacolle, Quebec.

The prolonged border closure will result in a financial crisis. Last summer, American visitors brought $ 4.5 billion in Canada.

The bilateral relationship has been tested. In April Trump prevented a Minnesota-based N95 mask supplier of shipping protective medical equipment to Canada. Canadians have expressed outrage and The Trump administration finally reached an agreement with the company and deliveries resumed.

Canadians are also worried about traveling within our borders, according to the survey. One in three respondents said they wanted to limit travel between provinces during the pandemic. 50% of Canadians said they did not want legal restrictions put in place, but were still strongly against travel outside the province.

The study surveyed a random group of 1,777 Canadians between May 18 and May 19.


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