Morrisons Announces Big Change To Queue Rules Outside Supermarkets


Morrisons has just introduced a new system for people queuing to enter one of its supermarkets – and this is great news for small households.

Realizing that not all customers are equal in terms of time spent in the store, the supermarket chain decided to let three people use baskets for each person using a cart.

More than that, it has also speeded up the payment process for people who only pick up a few pieces and bobs – which means more people will come in and out more quickly.

Chief Executive Officer David Potts said, “It is fair that customers who make small purchases should also wait less in line.

“Speedy Shopping will ensure that Morrisons stores are more convenient for customers who want a small basket of items. “

At the front of the fastest queue, you take a basket

The changes result in the introduction of a new “Speedy Shopping” lane outside of Morrisons stores.

New signs have been installed and will be monitored by Marshals Morrisons.

The faster queue leads people to the baskets at the entrance, while the other takes people in carts.

Specialized payment sections have also been introduced

Once inside the store, the commissioners will also guide customers to the appropriate checkout queues.

Dedicated Speedy Shopper checkouts are in place – allowing users to either self-scan or join a staff member.

To further increase speed, more self-analysis tills will be turned into “map only”.

It is the latest in a series of store changes following the coronavirus outbreak.

Since March, Morrisons has also introduced:

  • Protective screens were introduced around the checkout area of ​​nearly 6,500 main cases in ten days, as well as other screens introduced in front of checkouts, pharmacy counters and customer service offices

  • Social distancing measures at all Morrisons sites, including marshal-controlled entry and reconfigured customer flow in all stores

  • Temporary closure of all in-store cafes, take-out food and service counters

  • Payment limit for contactless cards in stores increased from £ 30 to £ 45

  • NHS workers time early in the morning, allowing queue-free access to Morrisons stores when shelves are fully stocked

  • 10% Morrisons discount for NHS workers

  • Hand sanitizer, gloves and masks available to all store staff

  • Increase in cleaning and other health and safety initiatives at all our sites


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