Morning report: Ryan Garcia seeks help from Tom Brady for boxing match with Henry Cejudo


Henry Cejudo may be retired from MMA, but his opportunities in other combat sports are just beginning.

Last weekend, Cejudo only became the second fighter in history to successfully defend a title in two different weight categories at the UFC when he stopped Dominick Cruz at the main event of the ‘UFC 249. After the fight, Cejudo announced his retirement from MMA, claiming that he had accomplished all he could in sport and once again reaffirming his belief that he is the “greatest sports athlete of all-time combat. ” Well, undefeated WBC Silver light boxing champion Ryan Garcia hopes Cejudo will put his money where it is.

After Cejudo’s retirement, Garcia threw the idea of ​​a cross combat and “Triple C” responded in his usual way, asking Dana White for permission to box the undefeated prospect. And speaking recently with TMZ Sports, Garcia says he is completely serious about the offer, and would like to fight Cejudo in July.

“Chicken Little, he’s become very disrespectful, in my honest opinion,” said Garcia. “I came to him in a respectful way but he came to me in a disrespectful way, so in this regard, it must be managed. I didn’t find an opponent for July 4, but I feel like we can do it if he really wants this job. He says he’s retired, but once I say something, Chicken Little is out of retirement. So I say it has to be managed. ”

MMA boxing and crossover fights have been making headlines on the Internet for the past few years, since Conor McGregor fought Floyd Mayweather in the second biggest PPV event of all time. But although there is often a lot of smoke with these super-fights, none has yet happened, mainly because UFC president Dana White is not interested. However, if that’s the case here, Garcia has a plan for it: seek help from UFC partial owner Tom Brady.

“If Dana isn’t serious about this, I’m going to hit Tom. Tom Brady. Me and him are cool, ”said Garcia. “He is a partial owner of the UFC and I feel like he is a fan of both sports and I think he is a fan of both of us. I know he’s following me and I know it’s going to spark interest in him, so I feel like I can hit him and be like, ‘Let’s make this happen.’ I know that it sounds crazy but shit, where there is a will, there is a way. “

Brady was one of the many celebrities who became investors in the UFC in 2016. He is also, of course, one of the most accomplished football players of all time, and the longtime quarterback of the New England Patriots (before signing with Tampa Bay this year), White’s hometown team. However, that may not be enough to get whites interested in co-promoting another boxing match, especially one with a much lower cap than MayMac. But Garcia has one last carrot to hang in front of White: the 21-year-old boxer says that unlike Floyd Mayweather, he would be ready to compete with Cejudo and submit to MMA, as long as he arrived at KO Cejudo in boxing sound in first.

“I will be the first boxer to do it,” said Garca. “I’m absolutely not afraid of taking on any type of challenge. I feel like with Henry, of course, he’s going to have advantages, but if I think about it, if I hit one of those shots with four-ounce gloves, he’s out. And I know what his game plan is. His game plan is that he will try to knock me down but that is the big question. So to me, it’s like, we can have it any way. First, we have to have him in the boxing ring because he called me. Once I knock him out, as a man, I will respect him enough and say to myself, “Okay, I’m going to jump into your thing now.” But there’s no way he can knock me out in the octagon. The only thing he will do to me is to submit and I’m cool with that. (Laughs). “

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