Morning headlines on coronavirus as details of Wales lockdown review expected to be released (Friday, May 8)


Here is a summary of the latest news in response to the coronavirus pandemic on Friday May 8.

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Confirmed cases worldwide: 3,917,999

Confirmed deaths: 270,740

Confirmed recoveries / exits: 1,344,278

The number of people who died from coronavirus in Wales has reached 1,062 after 18 more deaths were confirmed on Thursday.

Public Health Wales also added that the number of positive virus cases has increased by 87 to bring the total to 10,851 since the start of the epidemic.

Welsh Lockout Review Announced

The Welsh government has examined foreclosure restrictions in Wales and is expected to announce its findings.

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford will reveal the latest details of the Welsh Government’s approach to locking in at a press conference at 12:30 pm on Friday 8 May.

It follows a cabinet meeting on Thursday evening and reports yesterday suggesting what Prime Minister Boris Johnson could ease the lockdown restrictions for England.

A Welsh government spokesman said Thursday evening, “The Welsh cabinet met again this evening to discuss the lock-in restrictions and review the regulations. The Prime Minister will hold a press conference at 12.30 p.m. tomorrow on what it means for Wales. “

By law, the lock in the UK and in each country of origin is revised every three weeks, with the latest revision date being today.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will make a statement on the foreclosure on Sunday evening and will announce a five-phase, six-month plan to slowly lift England out of the lockout.

Speaking at the BBC breakfast on Friday, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said: “Sunday, what the Prime Minister will do is the roadmap ahead.

“We can start to look to the future, but we will have to do it in a very timid and careful way, so people should not expect big changes from the Prime Minister on Sunday. “

Wales Schools Announcement

The Wales Minister of Education has announced that schools will not reopen on June 1.

Kirsty Williams MS posted a video message on her Twitter account Thursday afternoon before the holiday weekend.

Williams said there was “a lot of speculation” about what Johnson could say about the reopening of schools in England, but said schools in Wales would not reopen on June 1.

Education is an area of ​​decentralized governance in Wales.

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Coronavirus last

Economy should open “as far and as fast” as possible – Javid

The British government should open the economy “as far and as quickly” as possible to recover from the economic impact of the coronavirus, said former Chancellor Sajid Javid.

It follows warnings from the Bank of England that Covid-19 could cause the economy to fall 14% this year in the worst annual fall since the records started.

Javid, who stepped down from Boris Johnson’s government in February, said scientific advice should be carried out, but the best solution was to “keep the economy running.”

Speaking to Sky News, Javid said the authorities were right to prioritize public health, but this had led to economic problems and a balance had to be found.

“We will have to coexist with this virus for several months, even years. But we have to find a way to go and that means you are relaxing as much as you can, ”he said. said.

“Running the economy hot, you might say, in a way that you are trying to take into account not only the type of need to control the virus but also the broader impact on society. “

Stay indoors on holidays despite the hot weather

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab has told the public to “follow the instructions” and to resist the urge to linger outside this weekend despite the forecast sun and warm temperatures.

Politicians and police in Wales have also joined forces to warn people against the lifting of the lockout restrictions over the long weekend.

Speaking at the Downing Street briefing on Thursday, the Secretary for Foreign Affairs insisted that there will be no change to the social distancing rules in England until the Prime Minister delivers a speech to the nation sunday evening.

Raab said Thursday: “Any short-term change will be modest, modest, gradual and very carefully monitored.”

He added, “At the moment, it is really important, especially as people turn to a hot holiday weekend, that we continue to follow the guidelines in effect at this time. “

He denied that Mr. Johnson was “useless” by referring to a change in the lockout just before the holiday but gave no details of what this could mean.

Much of the UK will be bathed in bright sunshine with temperatures expected to rise to 26 ° C on the VE Day holiday on Friday before dropping back over the weekend.

Nine Chelsea pensioners have died

The Royal Hospital Chelsea has announced that it has lost nine of its residents to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 290-year-old British veterans’ retirement home made the announcement before VE Day on Friday.

It revealed that five of the deaths occurred in hospital while four died during hospital treatment.

A total of 58 of its residents recovered after testing positive or showing symptoms of the disease.

General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, Governor of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, said: “Most of our retirees have risked their lives serving our nation through war and conflict somewhere in the world, as have our NHS staff and our caregivers are providing a vital and sometimes dangerous service to the nation here at home during this Covid crisis.

“We salute all those working in the health and care sectors at the moment and we understand only too well the difficulties they face. “

Most Popular Recipes While Locking

Banana bread has become the most popular BBC Good Food lockout recipe.

“Brilliant banana bread” topped the website’s most popular recipe list between March 23, the date the measures were introduced, and April 30.

Another 13 of the 20 most popular recipes were cakes, cookies, or desserts, including brownies, cakes, cookies, and cheesecakes.

The six remaining recipes in the top 20 included comfort foods such as Yorkshire puddings, chili con carne, carbonara spaghetti, cheese scones and easy bread.

The top 10 videos viewed on the website were related to baking or bread.

And there were over three million page views of bread-related content on BBC Good Food in the first two weeks of the lockout.


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