MoneySavingExpert Martin Lewis Urges Public To Change Energy Provider “Now”


MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis urged people to switch energy providers during the lockout.

The finance guru talked about the cheap deals currently on offer and told people to take the opportunity to save on their energy bills.

In an appearance this morning, the money whiz said, “This could be one of those rare positives … switch prices are at their lowest prices in three years.

“Now is the time to switch energy suppliers. “

Martin explained that people should consider a flat rate to guarantee a cheap rate for one year.

He added, “You have to consider a fixed rate … they won’t increase if you get a fixed rate.”

He pointed out that the flat rate prices “will last at least a year if you do it”, but usage will affect the cost of invoices.

The financial expert said: “Now is the time to check and change.

“I urge everyone to check their invoices and their usage right now. “

Speaking of the offers currently available, Martin explained that the average price cap for a normal user is £ 1,126 per year, but the cheapest rate currently on the market is £ 766.

Martin advised clients to check the comparison sites, as some of the cheapest rates are only available on the comparison sites, and many are based on your region.

Concluding on the morning popular show, he said, “The sin of inaccuracy is not as great as the sin of inaction.

“Don’t use any excuse for not doing it. “


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