Molly-Mae admits why she went to Love Island – and she wasn’t looking for love


Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague revealed the true motivation for her appearance on the famous ITV dating show.

The 20-year-old blogger has confessed to fans that she thinks she and her stepson Tommy Fury are going to win the summer series.

The couple ended up second, behind Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea.

Molly filmed the video as part of a “assumptions” challenge where she had to respond to the assumptions that her fans had about her – and they didn’t hold back.

The beauty of Love Island made sure she was honest with her answers, including the real reason why she wanted her place in the villa.

Molly revealed Love Island was a “trade movement”

A fan asked him, “You went to Love Island on a business move.”

To which Molly replied, “It’s actually a good thing … Yes, I did, if I’m completely honest. “

But she pointed out that her love for the boxing champion is real, adding, “I went there not really embarrassed whether I found love or not, I found love … When you’re not looking not something, you find it.

“Of all the girls, I was really scared like,” If it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t, it will be a fun experience anyway. “”

“I don’t know how I got on the show, it was the strangest thing. I went for an audition and then they called me like, “You’re on,” and I was like oh my god, it’s just a little bit crazy.

Molly also believed that she and Tommy were going to win the show

“It was a very, very weird time for me.

“Yep, I guess it was sort of a business decision,” before winking cheekily at the camera.

Another fan wrote: “You have six digits in your bank account” who received the sheepish answer: “Yeah … We will stop there.

“Six figures, yeah … yeah.”

Molly’s “commercial movement” has clearly paid off as she signed collaborations with Pretty Little Thing and Beauty Works, and also launched her own line of fake tans after leaving the series.

Molly also spoke of her surprise that she and Tommy did not win the series.

Said, “Surprised I didn’t win Love Island? It’s really hard to answer, but if I had to do it right away, I would probably say yes, just because Tommy and I were the only couple who went from start to finish. “

But I added, “If I’m honest, when we didn’t win, it was when I realized that the hatred outside was really bad, that was my first reaction.

“I was like, oh my god, everyone hates me, because Tommy and I are the only couple going from start to finish, actually falling in love, becoming boyfriend and girlfriend and not winning …”

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Love Island last

Although Molly and Tommy are the only pair in season five to still be in a relationship nearly a year after leaving the series, Molly reveals that they have no plans to marry anytime soon.

“Tommy would literally offer me tomorrow if I left him,” she said. “But I keep saying,” No, wait, wait, “because I’m too young.

“It will happen one day and it is something we can hope for together, so I just want to leave it for another day. These are two things that will happen soon, hopefully. “


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