Modders launch fully playable Super Mario 64 PC port


Super Mario 64 was ported to PC by a team of modder fans who have been working on the project in secret since 2019.

It should be noted that the game is not playable by emulation. This version of Super Mario 64 for PC is entirely native to the platform. The port has been recreated in higher resolutions and offers new visual effects added via a development tool called Reshade.

The modders have even made the game playable with modern devices like the Xbox One controller from Microsoft. In the past, fan-created games, especially those that feature Nintendo’s IPs, are often immediately deleted because Japanese society protects their goods very well.

As expected, this Super Mario 64 The PC port has also been removed from the Internet. That said, you can still watch the game in native 4K on YouTube, at least for now.

According to recent rumors, Nintendo plans to publish remasters of several back-catalogs Mario games for the Switch later this year including Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy and even a deluxe version of Super Mario 3D World.

Image credit: Youtube

Source: VGC


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