MLB floats revenue sharing with players as wages fight looms – The Athletic


Some league officials and team leaders believe that the best plan for baseball in 2020 would include a completely overhauled economic system – a revenue-sharing agreement between players and teams, if only for a year. argument: no one has any idea how many tickets will be sold for the 2020 games, if any; promising players a certain salary in advance could leave both parties too exposed to an extreme result.

Major League Baseball has not raised the idea of ​​revenue sharing with the players’ union, and it may not be. The players’ association would likely not receive such a plan, with suspicion that the league would try to implement a long-term agreement.

Historically, the union has hated revenue sharing agreements between players and teams, because in all other sports, the promise of a minimum wage for players is also accompanied by a maximum – a salary cap. The union would note that the owners never share their profits with the sales teams,…


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