Missouri hairstylist with coronavirus worked when dozens of clients were symptomatic and exposed


A hairdresser in Springfield, Missouri, exposed up to 91 people to the coronavirus after working in a salon for eight days when it was symptomatic, health officials said Friday.

Those on display include 84 Great Clips customers and potentially seven colleagues, said Clay Goddard, director of the Springfield-Greene County health department. The stylist’s status, which has not been identified, has not been revealed.

So far, no other positive cases related to the stylist have been confirmed, but the county is nevertheless facing “a glut of cases,” said Goddard.

Those exhibited at the show would be offered tests.

“The good news is that clients and hairdressers were masked” at the time of the exhibit, he said.

Goddard said at a press conference on Friday that more cases like this would quickly affect Springfield’s ability to care for patients.

“The hairdresser worked while he was sick,” he said. “I’ll be honest with you: we can’t have much more. “

As part of the reopening of the Missouri pandemic, hair salons are allowed to operate.

He warned residents who recently visited the same locations as the stylist, including a Dairy Queen, Walmart and CVS pharmacy, to look for symptoms of COVID-19 and to isolate themselves if they develop.

The stylist worked from May 12 to Wednesday and was positive, health officials said.

The co-owners of the Great Clips site told NBC affiliate KYTV that the employee “followed medical advice and took appropriate action”.

The living room was closed for disinfection and deep cleaning, they said. Goddard said he was satisfied with the site’s response and that he was “sure to go” now.

The patient is said to have contracted the virus while traveling in another part of the state, said Goddard.


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