Mike Perry wants a girlfriend in his corner (and maybe his friend)


Currently sitting at 6-6 in the UFC on a two-fight skid, “Platinum” Mike Perry went from hot prospect in 2018 to an entertaining undercard match in 2020. If only he took the time to hone some of his skills raw and talented, find a coach to really listen and grow. But of course, that’s not what “Platinum” is doing right now, according to this recent interview with MMA Junkie.

“I’m not listening to any coach at the moment,” said Perry. “Coaches who say things they are not going to do there and do. They want it to be like this or like that, and it’s a totally different way. I need a guy like me to hold mittens. I want to hold mittens, to be honest. I could show people some techniques or something. I am ready to fight for my life. ”

As for who will have in his corner when he ends up fighting?

“My girlfriend,” said Perry. “Just her. Otherwise she and her friend. “

When asked if any of the ladies had a martial arts background or corner experience, Perry dodged the question.

“Look, all I need is to get myself the bottle of water out,” he said. “Wipe my head or put ice on my neck when I get hot between rounds. It’s probably not going to last more than five minutes. And if it does, all I need is a bottle of water. I need to take a sip, put some ice on my neck and I don’t need advice. “

“I feel like I never really received any advice. I feel like people sound just like Charlie Brown’s teacher around the corner. Wahn wahn wahn wahn wahn. They don’t even know what the f ** k to say because they wouldn’t go in there and would not do what the f ** k they are talking about. I don’t really know how coaching works. It doesn’t really matter. One corner is all you need. ”

“The UFC wraps my hands, the state wraps my hands so I had a good envelope, I have a good game plan for me. No one tells me otherwise. Nobody makes me drill a bunch of s ** t that I’m not going to deal with. I’m going to drill into things and see how they go. Because I’m the one going to live in there. “


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